3D Glass Cleaner

Item Description:

For streak-free, crystal-clear glass!

Ammonia-free – safe for use on tinted windows

Heavy-duty cleaner – cuts through thick glass contamination

Spray and wipe away

3D Glass Cleaner is a special formula glass cleaner designed to leave each glass and mirror surface it cleans with a streak-free finish. Ammonia-free and alcohol-based, 3D Glass Cleaner is safe for use on both interior and exterior surfaces (including chrome!) – even tinted windows! Smudged, dirty glass is a safety concern you don’t want to mess around with – use 3D Glass Cleaner to keep your windows clear and your drive safe!

3D Glass Cleaner features:
• Ammonia-Free – 3D Glass Cleaner is alcohol based allowing the residue to evaporate from the surface for a truly streak-free finish. Featuring no ammonia in the chemical make-up, 3D Glass Cleaner is safe for use on tinted windows!

• Heavy-Duty Cleaner – 3D Glass Cleaner is strong enough to remove even the toughest smears, smudges, and stains from glass surfaces. Smoker’s residue is notoriously thick but 3D Glass Cleaner cuts through it with ease! Outgassing from your vinyl dashboard is quick to fog a front windshield, but 3D Glass Cleaner will quickly remove all traces.

Directions for use:
• Spray 3D Glass Cleaner directly onto exterior glass surfaces and wipe away using a clean glass towel.
• For interior glass and mirrors, spray 3D Glass Cleaner onto a microfiber glass towel before applying to the surface (to avoid overspray).

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