3D Super Glass Cleaner

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Alcohol-based formula which is free of ammonia

Fog and smudge resistance to keep your glass cleaner, longer!

Concentrated Clarity!

3D Super Glass Cleaner is an industrial-strength concentrate developed to provide superior cleaning abilities as well as value. 3D Super Glass Cleaner is an alcohol-based formula which is free of ammonia. This ensures itís not only safe on tint, but it can also be used on plenty of other materials such as mirrors, plastics, and headlights. This powerful concentration is a streak free formula that will also resist fog and smudging to ensure the final result, is pure clarity.

Glass can be one of the more difficult tasks when it comes to detailing. Any poor results will just stare at you as you drive down the road, and the worst part is you canít even look away from them! Not to mention, clear glass is vital to your safety as well. You wouldnít want to risk damaging your car because you wanted to save a few bucks on a bargain brand glass cleaner!

3D Super Glass Cleaner will remove that unsightly road grime and restore clarity to your glass! 3D Super Glass Cleanerís non-streaking formula ensures you wonít be left with more of a mess than you started with. The formula also boasts fog and smudge resistance to keep your glass cleaner, longer!

When choosing the right glass cleaner for you, youíll want to keep all factors in mind, and tint is one of them. Your tint already goes through the abuse from UV rays, so donít pick a glass cleaner that will cause damage. Most household glass cleaners contain ammonia, which is actually used by professionals to remove tint! 3D Super Glass Cleaner is an alcohol-based formula that will not cause any negative reactions on your tinted glass.

3D Super Glass Cleaner is not only a safe cleaning option for glass, but it can be used on much more! 3D Super Glass Cleaner can be used on plastics or headlights to provide the same streak-free finish. With a cleaner that can provide more quantity with a strong concentration and can be used on multiple surfaces, you save big!


Dilute 3D Super Glass Cleaner 50:1 (2.5 oz. per 1 gallon) with water. Spray 3D Super Glass Cleaner directly onto the surface or into a microfiber towel. Wipe the surface down and use a clean microfiber to dry the surface.

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