3D Bead It Up - 16 oz.

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First shine it, then Bead It Up!

3D Bead It Up is an easy to use hydrophobic polymer sealant made to impress! Utilizing cross bonding technology, 3D Bead It Up combines incredible durability along with simple spray and wipe application. Perfect for use on paint, glass, and even wheels. 3D Bead It Up can provide you with a new alternative to protection for nearly every surface on your vehicle! The polymer-based surfactants in 3D Bead It Up work as a stand-alone protectant, or even a booster to ceramic coatings.

DURABLE! Cross bonding technology ensures the slickness sticks!
The application may be simple, but the shine will last! 3D Bead It Up uses cross bonding technology to make sure those slick polymers stick! Just one simple spray and wipe application can boost your gloss and hydrophobic properties for weeks to come.

HYDROPHOBIC! Polymer-based surfactants maximize beading!
The formulation of 3D Bead It Up uses polymer-based surfactants create energetic water activity on the surface. Not only will this help prevent water spots, it will also protect you from the various of environmental contamination that would damage unprotected paint.

LSP OR TOPPER! Use Bead It Up as your only protectant or boost the one you got!
3D Bead It Up can provide you with an easy option for protection, but it can also complement a sealant or coating! The bonding technology built into each bottle of can lock on to previous protectant boosting its properties and ensuring a longer lifespan on your paint!


  • Make sure to wash and dry vehicle before applying.
  • Spray on and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.
  • For best results, its recommended to clay the vehicle before applying.
  • If possible do not expose vehicle to water as Bead It Up takes up to 24 hours to full cure.

16 oz.

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