3D All Purpose Cleaner

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3D All Purpose Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner formulated to clean nearly every surface that needs a cleaning! Formulated with enzymes that break down stains on a molecular level, 3D All Purpose Cleaner does more than just remove stains – it also removes the odor those stains have left behind! Dilute to your specifications and get to cleaning with 3D All Purpose Cleaner!

3D All Purpose Cleaner features:
Odor-Eliminating Enzymes – One of the key features of 3D All Purpose Cleaner, the one that sets it apart from all the others out there, are the unique enzymes formulated into it that not only remove organic stains, but also the smells they leave behind! If you've ever had a gallon of milk spill in your car, you'll be glad it does both!

Highly Concentrated – With 3 separate dilution ratios (or more depending on how scientific you are!), 3D All Purpose Cleaner can be customized to your exact specifications!

Dilution Ratios:
• Light Duty: 1:10
• Pre-Spotting: 1:4
• Heavy Duty: 1:1

Directions for use:
• Spray directly onto the surface you are cleaning.
• Allow a short dwell time before removing with a clean microfiber towel. Some surfaces require additional agitation using a brush or towel.

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