Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner

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Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner is a multi-surface cleaning formula that cuts through grease and grime without causing damage. This incredible formula is loaded with nonionic surfactants and highly capable cleaners that annihilate messes, yet are safe enough to use on upholstery! Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner is ideal for use on almost every surface in and around your vehicle! An effective all-purpose cleaner is an absolute MUST for every detailer's toolbox. Offering speed and versatility, these products help you get those messy jobs faster so you can move on to the more fun aspects of detailing, like adding a layer of wax! But be warned, not all APCs are created equal! Some all-purpose cleaners are so harsh, they can do more harm than good. That's not the case with Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner! It's unique formula powers through grease and oils, but is safe enough for virtually any surface! Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner is like the swiss army knife of your detailing shelf! Use it to degrease your engine, clean fender wells, clean door jambs, coated wheels, hub caps tires, and even whitewalls with ease. Then, bring it into your car to dissolve oils and eliminate stains on carpets, fabrics, vinyl and more. Mothers Speed All-Purpose Cleaner is among the safest APC formulas out there, and it will increase your speed and efficiency during detailing! 24 oz.
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