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Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner (APC) #401

19 oz.
Item#: DG-401   
128 oz.
Item#: DG-403   

Item Description:

Concentrated cleaner for almost any automotive surface!

Select blend of surfactants and cleaners.

Non-caustic and biodegradable.

Dilute for numerous tasks and surfaces.

Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner is a blend of selected surfactants and cleaners that gently emulsify and remove dirt, oil, and grease. Duragloss APC can be diluted to safely clean vinyl and convertible tops, vinyl upholstery, etc., or use concentrated to clean white walls or degrease an engine. Use Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner full strength for the greasiest areas, like the engine bay. For vinyl convertible tops, vinyl seats, tonneaus and door panels, dilute Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner according to the directions on the bottle.

19 oz. trigger spray

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Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner APC #401