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Sonus SFX Detail Clay Bundle

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What's so different about this detailing clay?  Simply put, it is the most gentle clay bar ever manufactured.

Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay is a product for every auto enthusiast.  In fact, it was specifically developed for car enthusiasts who want to clay their car frequently without fear of adding micro-fine scratches to their paint.

The polishing particle size in Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay is 29% finer than our Sonus BLOCK detailing clay, yet it's just as effective at removing common paint contamination problems.

We've put together a special sampler package of one Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Clay Bar and one bottle of Sonus Glyde Clay Lubricant at very special price ($3.49 savings!).

Why do you need to use detailing clay?  Simple!  Acid rain, brake dust, road silt and a range of airborne pollutants are brutal enemies of your car's paint.  Regular washing will remove the loose dirt but not the embedded contamination.  The sun helps these pollutants on their journey to penetrate, oxidize and eventually destroy your paint.

SFX Ultra Fine Detailing Clay is a new cleaning system that safely and gently removes even the most stubborn paint-toxic pollutants. SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay removes embedded soil through microscopic polishing that removes the dirt without touching the paint.

Traditional detailing clays are designed to remove heavy contamination. They work by sheering off dirt particles on the surface of your paint. The more aggressive the clay, the heavier the contamination load it can handle. The most aggressive grades of clay should only be used by a trained professional, as improper use will cause clear coat damage.

Sonus SFX Ultra Fine Detailing Clay is so fine that it will not leave microscopic scratches. It cannot be over used. In fact, Sonus SFX Ultra Fine Detailing Clay is so fine that it will not remove most waxes.

Includes one 100 gram bar of clay and a 16 oz. bottle of Sonus Glyde Clay Lubricant.

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