Sonus SFX Detail Clay Bundle

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An auto detailing clay bar so fine, so gentle it won't remove your wax!

Quickly removes all bonded surface contamination.

Faster and easier than a pre-wax cleaner polish.

Makes paint super smooth!

What's so different about this detailing clay?  Simply put, it is the most gentle clay bar ever manufactured.

Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay is a product for every auto enthusiast.  In fact, it was specifically developed for car enthusiasts who want to clay their car frequently without fear of adding micro-fine scratches to their paint.

The polishing particle size in Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay is 29% finer than our Sonus BLOCK detailing clay, yet it's just as effective at removing common paint contamination problems.

We've put together a special sampler package of one Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Clay Bar and one bottle of Sonus Glyde Clay Lubricant at very special price ($3.49 savings!).

Why do you need to use detailing clay?  Simple!  Acid rain, brake dust, road silt and a range of airborne pollutants are brutal enemies of your car's paint.  Regular washing will remove the loose dirt but not the embedded contamination.  The sun helps these pollutants on their journey to penetrate, oxidize and eventually destroy your paint.

SFX Ultra Fine Detailing Clay is a new cleaning system that safely and gently removes even the most stubborn paint-toxic pollutants. SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay removes embedded soil through microscopic polishing that removes the dirt without touching the paint.

Traditional detailing clays are designed to remove heavy contamination. They work by sheering off dirt particles on the surface of your paint. The more aggressive the clay, the heavier the contamination load it can handle. The most aggressive grades of clay should only be used by a trained professional, as improper use will cause clear coat damage.

Sonus SFX Ultra Fine Detailing Clay is so fine that it will not leave microscopic scratches. It cannot be over used. In fact, Sonus SFX Ultra Fine Detailing Clay is so fine that it will not remove most waxes.

Includes two 100 gram bar of clay and a 16 oz. bottle of Sonus Glyde Clay Lubricant.

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100% Recommend this product (9 of 9 responses)
By fred
Norwich ct
Easy to Clay
January 7, 2021
Was really reticent to clay as I never had before but after reading the reviews for this product I decided to give it a whirl. Worked like a charm on a 2016 Lexus. The product provides excellent lubricity. and the cars surface was smooth as silk. I have no qualms about claying my car from this point forward.
By Pete
Prescott Valley,AZ
Even a rookie can do a nice job.
November 6, 2015
This was my first time using clay. I wanted to use a fine clay since the car is only a few years old. The results were great. Very easy to use.
  • Easy to use. Great results.
  • None
By Riley
Awesome product
September 16, 2015
I used the sonus SFX Ultra fine Detail Claybar on my 2015 Cadillac Escalade what awesome results (Michigan)
  • Glides very smoothly
  • None
By Chuck
Southern Cal
Very easy to use
June 25, 2015
I decided to totally detail my Porsche so after a good wash I used Liquid Glass pre cleaner and then wanted to see if the Sonus clay bar would still remove any contaminants. Yes, it sure did. lots and lots. I chose the Sonus clay bar kit because it is very gentle and yet still works great, especially on paint that is in really good condition.
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on paint
  • None
By David B.
Viera, FL
Works as advertised
May 5, 2014
Makes the clay slide silky smooth.
By Neil K.
Hutto, TX
SFX Detail Clay Bundle
March 19, 2014
Previous experience had been with OTC clay from Mothers and Meguires. I have used several Sonus products in the past and wanted to try out their clay options so I purchased the clay bundle w/ Glyde.

Overall the product was very positive. I wanted to try this clay because it was claimed to be very gentle. I can't really comment on this yet as it was tested on a very neglected panel and any marring would have been impossible to see.

The clay works as described, removed contamination from the surface and left a slick surface ready for further prep. The lubricant worked well with the clay and it moved very easily on the surface with little worry. Only gripe was that the clay was a bit difficult to work in your hand between panels/passes but this was very minor.
  • Very gentle as described. Effective in pulling contamination.
  • Clay seemed a little hard to work in your hands between panels.
By David K.
San Jose, CA
Sonus SFX Detail Clay Bundle
June 24, 2013
I really like this product, this product makes claying the car esier.
Chicago, Illinois
My Paint Looks and Feels Amazing
December 6, 2012
I learned about this product after my recent purchase of a used, silver 2000 Audi S4. When I took ownership of this very low mile car the paint looked kind of dull and felt rough to the touch. At first I thought maybe it was the metallic paint, but after waxing the car three times, the paint looked better, but still felt like a piece of low grit sandpaper.

Puzzled, I was bound to resolve the problem. I started doing some googleing and learned about the clay bar. Having never used this type of product before I was obviously nervous about rubbing clay all over my delicate paint job, but after watching some "how to" videos online I felt that the clay bar was the best solution to my problem.

After considering other clay bar products, I chose this particular product because I learned that it's formulation was made for the enthusiast (and because autopia seemed like a very professional, reputable organization). After a few days of waiting, my clay bar bundle and paint cleaner (another Sonus product that I would recommend along with this one) arrived in the mail.

Nervous, but enthusiastic, I used the clay bar and glyde on one of the roughest sections of the roof - some place inconspicuous just in case I screwed something up. Immediately, I could see and feel the results in my 'test section' so I proceeded to do the entire car. I have to say, the clay did as Sonus said it would, it drastically reduced the impurities in my paint and now I can see and, most importantly, feel the difference in the depth and shine of my paint.

After using this product, my paint now feels and looks amazing! So much so that a guy in my highrise building, who owns a Ferrari F430, even stopped by to ask me what I did to get the awesome shine on my paint. Of course I told him about the Sonus Detailing Clay and demonstrated how easy it was to use.

Not only will I continue to use this product, I will continue to recommend it to others. As a newbie, I was nervous but if you use the Glyde on the bar and the car, you should have no problems. Honestly, after the first 2 x2 section, I was confident in my ability to use this product safely and with great results. I highly recommend the Sonus Clay Bundle to anyone who wants to get the most out of their paint.
  • It was easy to use and it worked amazingly well on my paint.
  • I wish the clay bar came with a storage case.
By Sasha
San Francisco, CA
August 8, 2012
Good Deal