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Klasse Car Sealant and Klasse Car Wax Guide

Klasse Car Sealant and Klasse Car Wax Guide


This Klasse how-to guide was written after using and testing Klasse products in every imaginable combination and with a huge selection of polishes, applicators, towels, buffing pads, bonnets, drying towels and more. Here are personal notes about what works with Klasse and what does not. These recommendations come from experience and will help make your Klasse experience better.



Klasse is a synthetic wax (sealant) and the original two-step paint care system. The first formulation was released in 1969. It was a breakthrough admixing polyethylene carnauba wax replacement system.

Through the years, Klasse car wax has evolved with many improvements. The first major change came in 1986, when Klasse was modified from its original formula to use the latest polyethylene-acry compound technology. Between 1991 and 1996, the chemists made incremental improvements to improve durability by more than 30% and U.V. protection by 100%.

There are two products in the Klasse system. Klasse All-In-One is a combination cleaner and sealant in one, whereas Klasse Sealant Glaze is a pure sealant (no cleaning or polishing properties).

Klasse All-In-One is intended to be used as a seasonal cleaner-wax, and as a pre-step to using Klasse Sealant Glaze. If your paint is in new or like-new condition, Klasse All-In-One will help you keep it that way.

Klasse Sealant Glaze provides additional sealant protection and a deeper, high gloss finish. As a pure sealant, multiple coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze can be applied to improve the final finish.



The first step in any car detailing program is a thorough washing.  Wash your car with a double strength mixture of Sonus Gloss Shampoo and dry with a Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towel.

After washing, dry your car thoroughly using a Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towel.  Don't use old bath towels or inferior cotton toweling that can cause scratches and swirl marks.

After a thorough washing, inspect your paint for contamination, scratches, swirl marks and other defects.  If you find these paint problems, now is the time to correct them.

If you wash regularly and garage your car, applying Klasse All-In-One (AIO) twice a year is normally sufficient to maintain good paint health. Klasse AIO's cleaning ability is mostly chemical, not abrasive. The polishing ability of Klasse AIO is very slight, but it will remove fine swirl marks, stains and moderate oxidation.

Rather than rub your arm off trying to clean your paint perfectly with Klasse AIO, it's a good idea to start with detailing clay. Detailing clay will safely and effectively remove all surface contamination with ease.

If your car is new or in like-new condition, use Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay.  If your paint is aged or heavily soiled, use Sonus Block Detailing Clay, which has more cleaning ability.  Sonus Glyde Clay Lubricant should be used with both clay products for proper lubrication.

Detailing clay quickly and easily removes surface contamination.  Heavy rubbing is never required.  Use plenty of Sonus Glyde Clay Lubricant and rub the clay lightly over the paint finish.

After you have cleaned the surface of your paint with clay, inspect closely for paint defects.  As stated, Klasse All-In-One will polish away light swirl marks and slight scuffs, but it can't remove scratches or heavy swirl marks.  For these conditions, polish first with Sonus SFX-1 Restore Polish (for heavy damage removal) or Sonus SFX-2 Swirl Remover Polish.  These polishes are best applied by machine, using a Sonus SFX Polisher Kit.

After your paint is clean and heavy defects are gone, you can polish with Klasse All-In-One.



Sonus Acrylic Spritz is the only detailing spray made specifically for Klasse. Use it between washes to remove light dust, finger prints bugs and other light contamination. Use it after washing to remove water spots and restore gloss.

For best results, use Sonus Acrylic Spritz with the Sonus Der Wunder Buffing Towel.  This is a high quality microfiber detailing towels with a thick, plush nap.   A plush nap will help protect your paint when removing dust and other contamination.

If you like keeping your car neatly detailed between washes, I'd like to recommend the Carrand Dusting Wand. This is the safest car duster available. I thought you'd have to pry my duster is lighter, yet the mop head has more surface area. The Carrand duster has a safe, rubber coated handle (ergonomic, mind you!), whereas the California Car Duster from my cold, dead, lifeless fingers, then I tried the Carrand duster. The difference is night and day.

The Carrand duster is lighter, yet the mop head has more surface area. The Carrand duster has a safe, rubber coated handle (ergonomic, mind you!), whereas the California Car Duster is wood or plastic (depending on the model you choose). Finally, the Carrand duster uses a lighter paraffin wax on the mop head so more dust is released when you shake it. I used the Carrand duster on my black Porsche 911 for six months and never saw a swirl mark or streak from the Carrand duster. I sold the 911 and kept the duster!



Do you want the secret to keeping your Klasse finish looking like it was just applied? It's Sonus Acrylic Glanz!

Sonus Acrylic Glanz, is basically Klasse Sealant Glaze in a spray-and-wipe formula. You can treat your car after every wash in less than five minutes. Your paint will emerge looking like you applied a fresh coat of Klasse Sealant Glaze, and full protection will be restored.

Using Sonus Acrylic Glanz weekly, I have been able to extend my Klasse car wax shine and protection up to a full year.  Of course, your experience will differ depending on diving and garage conditions.



In summary, the proper steps for a complete Klasse detail are:

  • Wash to remove dirt and road grime.
  • Clay to remove bonded contamination.
  • Polish with Klasse All-In-One to restore full paint gloss.
  • Seal with one or two coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze to protect.
  • Maintain the high gloss with Sonus Acrylic Glanz. 

Hopefully this Klasse car wax and Klasse car sealant user's guide has been beneficial.  If you have any questions about using Klasse AIO, Klasse sealant glaze, or other Klasse car wax products, please send us an email.

Klasse All-In-One Paint Cleaner & Polish
Cleans, polishes & protects in one easy step!
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Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze
Protect paint with synthetic wax against water and road salts.
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Sonus Acrylic Glanz Spray Sealant
Protect Klasse shine for months.. in just 5 minutes
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