Klasse All-In-One Paint Cleaner and Polish - 10 oz.

Item Description:

Klasse All-In-One car polish & wax receives rave reviews from enthusiasts. Here's why:

As a paint cleaner it removes stubborn contamination with ease.

As a car polish it creates a high-gloss luster that few products match.

As a car wax, it protects for months.

Klasse All-In-One Car Wax is an easy-to-use paint cleaner, polish and synthetic car wax (sealant) in one.

A single application of Klasse All-In-One lasts for months, not weeks!

Klasse All-In-One is not a traditional wax or polymer sealant. The exclusive German Klasse formula is a tough acrylic car wax formula that has stood the test of time. Many miracle products have come and gone, but Klasse car wax products are still going strong.

Klasse All-In-One quickly polishes away oxidation and light paint contamination leaving a deep, rich shine that lasts for months. All-In-One is like clear armor for your car. It bonds to the surface like a normal carnauba car wax, however, it does not change the paint in any way. Klasse layers on top of the paint, building depth of shine and clarity for an ultra high gloss finish.

All-In-One contains special cleaners and a fine polish that quickly and easily removes old wax, road film, light oxidation and minor swirl marks. It’s a premium one-step product that cleans, polishes and protects with very little effort. Best of all, the finish lasts and lasts. In most cases, two applications a year will keep your car protected and looking good. Plus, Klasse does not contain silicones and it will not stain your car's vinyl and rubber. Application could not be easier!

Imported from Germany.

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Product Reviews

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35 Reviews
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97% Recommend this product (34 of 35 responses)
By Gerald
Indiana, Pa
Excelent product and excelent customer service.
November 14, 2018
Excellent product and excellent customer service;. i could not ask for more.
Only pros. None
By Micah
St.Louis, MO
Just order it!
October 9, 2018
I've used Klasse All-in-one for 10 years now. I'm ALWAYS impressed with the gloss & clarity when I'm done. Btw it paires pretty well with the Klasse Sealant.
•Very thin •Apply by hand or machine •Buffs off easy Not one.
By Russ
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Test of Time
September 6, 2018
I have used this product for years and it is still my all in one product.. Yes, I may finish with another product,BUT, start with this first..
Easy on easy off..
By Paul
Masse product review
July 13, 2018
I've tried a few different shine/protection products and considering price and effort Klasse is a bargain. It's a low effort high quality option. That said it's autopia's service commitment to customers that stands out. Service sells.
By John
Anchorage, AK
Good stuff
April 18, 2018
its a good AIO for polish and a little protection. super simple to use and really neat bottle. never had anything bad to say about this product or the sealant. easy to use, easy to remove.
August 2, 2017
Used for years and performs as advertised. I will put it up against any other polish. Works on chrome and other non porus surfaces. Put 2 coats on and see the results. You don't have to wait for it to haze up either. Last a long time also. Try it you won't be disappointed.
Easy to apply, shines like crazy and lasts for months. JUST TRY IT !!! THERE IS NONE !!!!
By Lon H.
Mansfield, CT
Works for me
January 7, 2017
Got this as a recommendation off the Porsche Boxster forum. Used it on the car before the Porsche Parade in VT this past summer. Seemed to satisfy everyone, including judges, that the surface of the car was as good as the next car's. Just purchased my second bottle for next year.
Relatively easy to apply, good shine, seems to last OK. None that I can think of.
By Mike
San Jose, California
Works as promised
August 7, 2016
As far as the shine and ease of application, product works as promised. Haven't had long enough to see if it holds up for 6 months and the repellent qualities ie.. water, bugs, bird poop stand.
Glass like shine, easy to applyp Product longevity unsure at this time?
By Roger Y.
Grand Rapids, MI
Great Results and So Easy To Use
May 29, 2016
I've been using Klasse All-In-One Paint Cleaner and Polish for several years. My brother told me to check it out. I just love how easy this wax is to use and the result is beautiful. I can apply the wax with one hand and be removing it with the other. It's that easy. I even use it on my aluminum wheels and they just look amazing in the sunlight. You need to try this wax so you can see the results for yourself.
By aaron
commerce twp, MI
Klasse all-in-one is my go-to product
May 28, 2016
If you are new (or even experienced) to car care, you must try this product. It is easy to use, very forgiving and has exceptional results. It works on almost any surface and won't turn rubber white, should you accidentally apply it there. It eliminates/hides swirl marks and leaves a smooth glossy finish. It can be mixed with water to create a detail mist that brings you car's surface back to life after every wash. It also lasts a fairly long time, but it's so easy to apply, who cares. You really cannot over use it. If you really want an amazing shine, follow up with Klasse sealant glaze.
Easy to use Versatile Great results None
By Chris
Seattle, WA
Awesome AIO
January 27, 2016
I've been using Klasse AIO for years and I love the versatility of this product. Its not only great on exterior surfaces but I use it to polish glossy interior trim and wood. One of my favorite uses is to polish a protect carbon fiber trim. Its super easy to use by hand or with a DA polisher and leaves the surface protected and ready for a coat of Klasse SG.

While its been around for years, I haven't found a better AIO out there!
Very easy to use - easy application and removal Also great for glossy interior finishes and carbon fiber trim Good protection for an AIO
By Lisa
Best car treatment ever
October 8, 2015
I used this on my 2004 Toyota. It has some oxidation and the all in one made a big improvement. I put extra coats on the worst spots, but definitely have my entire car a mirror shine.
Easy application and removal.
By Marty
Jakcosnville, Fl
Top Notch - All in One
October 3, 2015
Klasse is quality product.
Easy on, no wait, easy off. none
By craig f.
Smyrna, GA
Chef Great
August 12, 2015
This stuff is wonderful. It is easy to apply and leaves a great shine. My car hasn't shined so good in years and my car is a 2002.
By Carl
Spring, TX
It does what it says!
May 5, 2015
The product was easy to apply and remove. The end result was a clean surface with a nice shine which gave the final wax a wonderful shine.
applies with ease removes effortlessly clean surface nice surface prep for final wax
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Still one of the best
April 28, 2015
So easy to apply by hand with great results. One bottle has lasted me several years. Great all-in-one product.
Ease of application Shine and protection Economical Nothing
By justin
Cleveland Heights, OH
Excellent Chemical Cleaner/AIO
February 7, 2015
I've had Klasse easily remove dirt and mold/grime that claying and an APC could not touch. Best of all, it leaves a nice gloss behind. This AIO is perfect for doorjambs too.
Easy to use/buff/apply Works as advertised Leaves a nice gloss
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Perfect first step for Klasse Sealant
December 3, 2014
I used this in conjunction with Klasse sealant glaze. Also known as the klasse twins. They make a great 1-2 combo. It cleans the paint very well. It does leave a little protection behind but I used klasse sealant right after so I did not test this for durability. Overall a very good cleaner prior to using the sealant.
Good cleaner Works great with Klasse Sealant Not intended to remove swirls
By FFboy
manila, philippines
Great cleaner/sealant
September 9, 2014
This cleans a bit too well. Do all the steps: Carwash, clay, your paint will look and feel squeaky clean, smooth as glass, you move to a paint cleaner, the paint will look even better and cleaner. Then use klasse all in one, guess what. The applicator will pick up dirt that must have been still there in the paint somehow. A big plus? It can be used on glass, plastic, chrome, and wheels

Being a cleaner sealant, it's still not that durable. Sealant glaze or a pure sealant/wax is still a must.
Excellent cleaner/polish it even removes some minor scratches great shine can be used on a variety of surfaces (glass, chrome, wheels) offers decent protection even if it's an acrylic based sealant, it's still not the most durable not as readily available
By frank
decatur ga.
July 3, 2014
easy to apply and i found out that it is also easy to remove. I have a black car, you can read a letter in the wax job. Thanks.............
ease of application. nothing at this time
By Paul
Fernandina Beach, Florida
Fantastic for Golf clubs
September 17, 2013
After my semiannual Klasse coating of our BMW, I tried a small bit on my year-old golf clubs. Driver (Callaway) looks absolutely new. Fairway woods (Ping) no longer show wear.
Finally, took the time to use Klasse All-In-One on my father-in-law's 1999 Mercury, even cleared the foggy/haze on the headlights. Incredible results!
Best performance of any Cleaner/Polish on the market.
By Andy C.
Atlanta, GA
Klasse All in One
July 23, 2013
I have never used anything this good. Unparalleled cleaning and shine with no dust and easy on and off. Removes bugs, tar and even light scratches that others will not. Keeps my plastic headlight lens looking in showroom condition on my wife's 2001 Lexus. I have been using it since 2001. People always comment on my car's shine and I have recommended Klasse All in One more times than I can count.
1. Easy on 2. Easy off 3. No dust 4. A little goes a long way! 5. Removes road tar, bug juice, tree sap and more so easily. 6. Long lasting too. Not a thing! :)
By Dennis R.
Dorr MI
Klasse All-In-One Paint Cleaner & Polish
April 24, 2013
This product is by far the best wax I have ever used. It took me no longer then twenty minutes to wax my car. It left a hard smooth finish. As of now I will never use another wax. Great product.
The ease of using this product and the great finish.
By William
Oviedo Fl
Klass all in one cleaner and polish
April 8, 2013
Great product. Used it on my 98 f-150 witch has 218,000 miles.It did a great job. Obviously did not make it look new but did make it look great.
By Don
Tulsa OK
Klasse makes paint gleam!
January 2, 2013
I use Klasse A-I-O as a final polish after using Menzerna Intensive Polish. It makes both white and metallic black paints gleam. Sometimes I apply carnuba wax and sometimes not. The Klasse protects my paint regardless.
Easy to apply with excellent results. The new formula is thinner than the old formula.
By Mike B.
Tucson, AZ
This stuff is the best I have ever used
December 5, 2012
This polish is extremely easy to apply and buff off. It makes your card slippery smooth. I am not a 5 star rating is high enough. I won't use anything from now on.
Ease of application, ease of buffing, the slippery smooth surface that results. absolutely nothing
By Sam
Long time fan
December 3, 2012
I have been a fan of Klasse products for many years, have done both classics as well as all our daily drivers. Step 4 in my semi-annual 7 step process.
Results none
By Ralph
NE, New Jersey
Great Cleaner and Polish
September 20, 2012
Klasse AIO is an excellent product. It removes old wax and sealants from your car's paint while laying done a layer of protection with a glossy shine, in just one application. Can be applied by hand or DA polisher. A little goes a long way. As soon as you apply it it can be easily removed. Its a perfect base for applying sealants or waxes. It is also great for shinning windows or chrome.
A little goes a long way easy to apply and remove won't harm rubber or plastic trim shines windows and chrome excellent base for sealants and waxes
By Larry
St Pete, Fl
Excellent Product
July 19, 2012
The easiest cleaner/polish I've ever used.
Wipe on - Wipe off.
Adding a THIN layer of Klasse High Gloss Sealant added another dimension to the shine.
Extremely easy with Fantastic results.
Too early to determine its longevity.
Easy application A very little goes a long way. Fantastic results Nothing
By gabe
san jose,ca
klasse is great!!!
July 15, 2012
Ive used this product over a decade ago and loved it! It works great on bringing out the gloss of my 11 maxima. I debated using a polisher but then opted to do it old school and hand wax. Took some time but well worth it. Happy with the ending result. Just remember to apply a very thin coat as not much is needed. Will buy again.
Great finish Apply too much and its very hard to remove