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Duragloss Enviroshield Ceramic Coating System

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Item Description:

The Duragloss Enviroshield Coating System includes everything you need to give your paint long-lasting, extreme paint protection and a high-gloss shine. When used properly, the Duragloss Enviroshield Coating System will coat your paint with a nanoglass ceramic layer that repels dirt, grime, moisture and contamination while causing water to bead into tiny droplets. Like all Duragloss products, Enviroshield will create a high-gloss, “wet look” shine.

The Duragloss Enviroshield Coating System includes:

Duragloss Enviroshield Squeaky Clean, 4 oz.
Use Squeaky Clean to remove surface residue, imbedded dirt, old waxes and polish. A clean surface is necessary for Nanoglass Ceramic Coating to bond properly to the surface. Because Squeaky Clean leaves no residue behind, it is also ideal to use before applying any wax or paint sealant. You can apply it by hand or with a dual-action orbital polisher.

Duragloss Enviroshield Nanoglass Ceramic Coating, 4 oz.
Nanoglass Ceramic Coating seals and protects all paint systems from acid rain, UV rays, salt and environmental pollutants. This product creates a tremendous molecular bond to the paint for maximum durability. The protection formed by Nanoglass Ceramic Coating will not wash away with harsh acids or alkaline products. Simply wipe into the paint thoroughly with the included foam applicator pad.

2x Duragloss Coating Applicator Pads
Use these dual-sided applicators to apply and remove Squeaky Clean or Nanoglass Ceramic Coating. One side of the applicator features a soft, short-nap microfiber that is ideal for applying Squeaky Clean to the surface. Use the fine, soft foam for applying perfectly thin layers of Nanoglass Ceramic Coating.

Duragloss Microfiber Towel
Use this silky smooth microfiber towel to lightly buff the paint after applying Enviroshield Nanoglass Ceramic Coating.

System Contents:
4 oz. Duragloss Nanoglass Ceramic Coating
4 oz. Duragloss Squeaky Clean Surface Prep
2 x Duragloss dual-sided Coating Applicator Pads
Duragloss Microfiber Towel