System X RENEW Ceramic Spray Coating - 8 oz.

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Provides 9+ months of protection

Creates HYPER gloss and a super slick finish

Self-cleaning properties keep your paint cleaner for longer

Ultra-hydrophobic properties repel water, dirt, grime, tar, and more

American made ceramic technology

System X RENEW brings the power of aerospace technology to your detail. Formulated using a unique blend of ceramic technology, System X RENEW forms SiO2 in the chemical matrix when siloxanes form. To say it more simply, System X RENEW is a balanced formula that isnít overpacked with additives or buzz words. When used as a stand-alone coating, System X RENEW will fill in minor scratches to provides a smooth, glossy finish. This professional grade spray coating interlocks with paint surfaces molecules to provide a true ceramic coating with a simple application process.

System X RENEW provides just as much benefit to existing coatings. System X RENEW revitalizes existing coatings by filling in low spots and restoring protection. While System X RENEW was made for professional use, itís still user friendly enough for the DIY detailer.

Whether youíre looking for a quick solution for mobile detailing, a robust coating topper to offer at your detailing shop, or a solid solution for your own vehicle, System X RENEW has you covered!


  • If contaminated, use a clay bar to clean the paint/surface.
  • Wash and clean the surface to be coated. Dry Surface.


  • Spray product directly on the panel or microfiber pad/cloth and work product into the section. The product will flash (dry) immediately.
  • With the dry side of the microfiber towel or separate buffing microfiber towel, buff off the product residue until a super-slick feel.
  • Wait 4 hours before getting wet. The product will fully cure in 24 hours.

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