3D Ceramic Coating Kit

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Ceramic protection – 3D style!

One-step application

Ceramic protection against UV rays and environmental contaminants

Lasts up to 2 years

3D Ceramic Coating Kit is an easy-to-apply ceramic coating that provides up to 2 years of protection against UV rays and other harmful environmental contaminants – all while providing extreme hydrophobic properties and intense levels of shine and gloss. Don’t let your paint become dull, faded, and oxidized – make sure it’s protected with 3D Ceramic Coating Kit!

3D Ceramic Coating Kit features:

• Extreme Hydrophobicity – One of the key features of a ceramic paint coating is the ability to repel and sheet water from the surface. By repelling water, the minerals and debris naturally found in rain and ground water are removed from the surface before they even have a chance to dry and potentially cause problems. 3D Ceramic Coating Kit provides a thin, yet powerful, layer of protection that ensures water spots are not an issue for you!

• Long-Lasting – Just one application of 3D Ceramic Paint Coating will last up to 2 years – that 2 years of no waxing, no sealing, no worrying – simply coat your paint in a ceramic layer of 3D protection and you’re good to go!

Directions for use:
•Be sure to fully wash and dry the vehicle before applying Ceramic Coating.
•Wrap the included suede microfiber cloth around the foam block and apply coating in a flat, even layer onto the applicator.
•Using a cross-hatch pattern, spread the coating evenly over the surface. Work in 2 x 2 sq. ft. sections at a time.
•Wait approximately 20 seconds for product to flash before buff of with a clean microfiber towel.
•If the surface feel greasy or oily after application, wait a few more moments and buff off again.

3D Ceramic Coating Kit includes:
•30 ml. 3D Ceramic Coating
•1 qty. Applicator Block
•2 qty. Microsuede Towels

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