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CarPro CQuartz DLux Plastic & Wheel Coating

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Item Description:

What the original Cquartz did for your paint, Cquartz DLux will do for your exterior plastic and rubber trim! Cquartz DLux is a semi-permanent coating that restores a like-new factory appearance to exterior trim. The clear protective barrier formed by Cquartz DLux shields treated surfaces against the elements so they stay protected for up to one year. What’s more is Cquartz DLux can be used as a dedicated wheel sealant to make cleaning wheels quick and effortless.

Cquartz DLux is a semi-permanent coating that restores a like-new factory appearance to exterior trim.

Cquartz DLux contains more than 50% pure silica than the standard Cquartz. This enables Cquartz DLux to form a stronger bond to plastic and rubber surfaces. Cquartz DLux is also formulated with orgnosilane, a compound that repels water and dirt away from the surface it coats. Surfaces treated with Cquartz DLux are less likely to get water spots as the minerals left by the water cannot penetrate through the coating.

Cquartz DLux should only be applied to surfaces that are clean and dry. If applying to wheels, use CarPro Iron X to decontaminate the surface, removing ferrous iron particles. If applying to plastic and rubber trim, use a quality all purpose cleaner first.

Cquartz DLux
1 blue sponge applicator
4 suede microfiber cloths

Product Reviews

CarPro CQuartz DLux Plastic & Wheel Coating
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
3 Stars
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Too early to tell, really
June 9, 2015
I bought this for its alleged longevity, so I really should do this a year from now. I'll do pros/cons anyway. I applied it to a brand new car as a preemptive measure, so there were no "wow" results to speak of.
Nice sheen
Itty bitty application cloths almost useless for buffing down - resorted to microfiber Using the block makes it hard to get into corners - need to fold up the cloth and get in there with your fingers Some tendedncy to streak - need to lay it on in coats to even it out (even still, very little was used)