RAGGTOPP Fabric Convertible Top Protectant

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RAGGTOPP Fabric Convertible Top Protectant

Renews and Extends the Life of Fabric and Carpet

Restores Lost Water and Stain Repellency To Like Factory New

Professional Strength Formulation WITHOUT Silicone

RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant extends the life of fabric convertible tops with powerful protection against the elements. RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant has a revolutionary VOC-free, professional strength formula that blocks out pollution, moisture, and UV rays. It's safe on your vehicle and the environment.

RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant works better than silicone products! UV blockers and a proprietary stain-blocking formula keep fabric convertible tops looking like new. RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant restores lost water and stain repellency to factory levels.

RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant will not harm paint, chrome, glass or plastic convertible top windows.

RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Care Products are exclusively tested and endorsed by The Haartz Corporation, original equipment manufacturer of convertible topping for virtually every American and European convertible automobile manufactured throughout the world. www.haartz.com

The Haartz Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of
engineered coated fabric and vinyl for the marine and tonneau cover industry.

RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Care Products are exclusively designed for the auto-care professional and convertible top enthusiast who demands the very best manufacturer approved convertible top cleaner and protectant. RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Care products do not contain silicone and will not harm paint, chrome, glass or plastic windows.

14 oz. Aerosol Can


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94% Recommend this product (30 of 32 responses)
By George
Easy, long-lasting, and the top looks great
October 3, 2019
After thoroughly cleaning the top, letting it dry, and then putting down one coat works very well, but the results with that second coat are impressive.
By Don
Atlanta, Georgia
Best on the Market
April 25, 2019
I’ve been using RaggTopp protectant since 2005 on a Jaguar XK convertible (tan cloth) and then on my 911S cabriolet (blue cloth)... both tops use premium fabrics. I usually apply protectant once a year to protect the color and repellency. This protectant is colorless and it doesn’t leave any residue whatsoever. I make sure the fabric is clean and dry, then I use a lint roller to remove dust and lint. Since I want to avoid overspray, I carefully cover all the window glass and trim with blue painters tape and newspapers to mask exposed areas. This prep work adds about 30 minutes but I have never regretted doing it. Then, I apply the spray protectant, wetting the fabric thoroughly. After 30 minutes or so (it dries fast), I reapply another coat. Generally speaking, I’ll keep applying coats until the spray can sounds empty... My theory is, “If some is good, more is better”. The fabric looks deeper and richer afterward and noticeably beads water like a new top would. Advice: Skip the box kit and just buy the can of protectant.
Great results and worth the time and effort once a year. Not too expensive. Good Saturday or Sunday afternoon project for car nuts like me. It can be a little time consuming if you take your time and do it right. Allow at least two hours to tape, mask and spray three or four coats.
By Kevin K.
Great product
March 27, 2019
I cannot believe how well Raggtop works on my fabric top. The best part is that it is not harmful to the paint. Use as directed and you won't be sorry
Not harmful to the paint. Just wipe it off and your good to go. n/a
By Milton
Covington LA
Works great
December 16, 2018
I am new to the ragtop world. I purchased a 2010 Jeep Wranger andd purchased one can of the protectant. It worked great and made the top look new and black again. One can will cover the top 2.5 times, so I purchased two more cans. It also makes the top a lot softer as well as look better.
By michael f.
October 13, 2018
After using another product on my Mini Cooper...THIS TIME I USED RAGGTOP on my new Camaro. THE COVERAGE WAS AMAZING...and THIS STUFF BEADS WATER...and after the deluge...dries faster leaving the top PERFECT..BLACK..Clean.
BEADS WATER , fast drying time, top looks great after drying. MY USE CAUTION IN APPLYING. HAVE 99% Isopropyl alcohol and a few micro fiber towels to clean off the overspray. Like the cans vs the sprayer. I started with a factory fresh top..so can only address how it works for ME.
By Tony
Cayce, SC
Convertible top protectant
September 6, 2018
Applied full can protectamt to my new top when new 1 yr ago, water beaded after treatment.
Recently cleaned and applief protectant same as first time. Cleaned well, how ever water did not bead as before. Car does not sit outside.
Both products easy to use, horse hair brush performs well.
By Alan D.
great for top care and preservation
September 6, 2018
this is a very easy product to apply. It restored my top to a nice black and gave it that soft look and feel it used to have, My audi looks great top to bottom now
ease of use.quantity of product.
By Farhad
Naples, Florida
Great product!
August 12, 2018
My first time to use this product on my recent purchase of a used Volkswagen Beetle. The top was in a great shape for a 5 year old car however I wanted to keep it that way so I purchased this product to help me maintain the looks and condition of my car’s top. So far I’m very please.
Works like a charm Pricey
By Luana
Ragtop Protectant
July 14, 2018
Awesome product
By Jerry's M.
Conroe, TX
Works as listed
December 29, 2016
Simple to apply, and works as promised on the youtube sites.
Easy application, Review the youtube websites to see how to apply and it goes as shown. N/A
By Chris
Tampa Bay
Ragg Topp
December 3, 2016
Always used this product on BMW Tops for past 20 years. Works great for 1/3 price!
Remember to cover / protect your windows when using.
By Don
Great Stuff
September 30, 2016
A bit pricey, but worth the money, and that's what counts. Easy to apply with a little care. Appears to be simple silicone type water repellent spray, but is definitely not and seals the fabric top, sticks with it and preserves the look for a good long time. One can is one treatment but after 9 years 113,000 miles on my pontiac solstice, the convertible top looks near new! Great Stuff!
Easy to apply. Lasts all year. Good water and weather resistance. Preserves fabric. None
By Rudy
Lynchburg VA
Cloth top protection
August 1, 2016
It required to cans to get a good seal worked well and the black color was enhanced
Gave a 10-year-old top new life The product works best when I sprayed it on then work it in with a foam pad
By Paul
Clearwater, Florida
This stuff works!
August 1, 2016
I've been using Raggtopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant for 4 years and it works beyond expectations. I holds up well in Florida's intense sun and frequent heavy rain storms. I just took delivery of a 2017 Mustang GT Convertible and the first thing I did was to treat the top with Raggtopp.
Easy to use and very effective.
By Dick G.
Dallas Texas
Used this for years. Never had to replace a top.
June 8, 2016
I had always treated my 2 Ferrari's and my Porsche with this product. The tops looks great, the color has not faded in the Texas sun and no fabric issues. I use it with the cleaner. The issue with fabric tops is that microscopic sand particles get into the cloth and small movements of the cloth causes the sand particles to actually cut the fibers. By using this, the pores are filled and a lot of this is avoided.
Keeps the top looking new and it protects it. Some people say it is too expensive. Do you know what the top for a Ferrari costs?
By Dan
Great Product
January 20, 2016
This is an outstanding product. Very easy to apply & cleanup of the overspray is simply wiping with a microfiber towel. The top now beads up & the water just runs right off. The top dries quicker now. It does take a good amount of the spray to get the recommended coatings. I have a 370Z which has a small top & to apply 3 coats it took about 3/4 of a can.
Easy to apply Won't harm the paint A little pricy but not too bad Takes a good amount per treatment
By Jim
S Florida
Difference Betweeen Raggtopp and 303 & similiar silicon based sealants
December 24, 2015
Raggtopp is entirely different that 303 and similar silicon top treatments as it contains colloidal paraffin. This is essentially petroleum based paraffin suspended in a solvent. When you apply the sealant , the solvent evaporates leaving a cross linked paraffin deposit on the top material.. This is what causes the rain to bead or not soak in. If you apply many coats or it pools in a crack, you can actually see paraffin residue. My show quality M Roadster has an original top that looks like new but had lost some of its repellency ability over the years. Three coats of Raggtopp applied heavily (almost the entire can) and about 2 hours apart left an improved repellency but not absolute repellency. The only way to achieve true "as new" repellency is with newly treated material . However I did find raggtopp to work better than 303 and other silicon treatments due to its true ability to partially fill in the texture of the material vs silicon. I also believe that over time, silicones will cause a chemical deterioration of the actual fabric structure where the paraffin based Raggtopp will not. Its paraffin base is also another reason why any overspray on the paint or glass will leave a wax like residue and another reason why that it will not harm the finish but should be removed anyway. Masking may help if you are sloppy but I prefer to unlock the front of my top and spray the front edge for the first coat and then fasten the top down for the rest. I have found Raggtopp to be the best of what's available but neither it or any silicon product make a Haartz cloth truly as good as new.
It works better due to its chemical and physical properties. Relatively easy to apply and not harmful to any finish
By Ray
Miami, Fl.
Top Cleaner.
October 31, 2015
very good product. second time I have used it.
easy to use and apply. have to wipe the residue off the windows and paint.
By Robert B.
Virginia Beach, VA
Good Product
May 11, 2015
Good product but a bit expensive. I had to apply three coats at two different times to get water to bead. In fairness, my Z3 is a 1996 and the top has never been treated. I will buy this product again. Service is great !!
By George R.
Knoxville TN
Raggtop Fabric Spray
September 29, 2014
I have been using this product for three or four years and have nothing but praise for it. The dark blue top on my 2004 BMW 330ci still looks new. I spray it twice a year - two coats and it repels just about everything . The rain beads up on it like a new wax job on the car. Try it.
By jhbmwz3
Greensboro, NC
December 14, 2013
I have used this product exclusively on my BMW Z3 roadster top and have been pleased with the results.
I respect that it is recommended by Haartz, the fabric manufacturer. It gives some water resistance to a light shower, but it does not prevent the top from completely wetting out in a prolonged rain.
By Ross
Hilton Head Island
Best I've used
September 24, 2013
I have a 19 year old fabric top (Benz 320conv) I use Raggtopp every 6 months. Simply put the top looks new.
easy to use none
By craig
Raggtop is the Best
July 2, 2013
Have been using it for 12 years on my Audi TT and my top looks like new
ease of use and offers great protection nothing
By JBerry50
Little Rock, AR
Best Product for Convertible Top
April 9, 2013
I've used RAGGTOPP every year for past 5 years on my wife's Toyota Solara. The top still looks new and sheds water & stains It's a little work to install masking tape and drop cloths over painted surfaces - but this staff really coats the fabric (and anything else it touches).
Effective protectant Requires covering all painted and glass surfaces before application
By Chuck
Fairhope, AL
April 2, 2013
Excellent product
By mark
Washington, D.C.
Ragtopp Fabric Protectorant
December 30, 2012
Great product. Easy appliction and fast drying.
By Al L.
Raggtopp fabric top protectant
September 2, 2012
Very good, I am very happy with the product,this is my second purchase.
This is the second time that I use it, so far so good. Nothing yet.
By Carol M.
Mokena, IL
Fabric top Protectant
August 10, 2012
We don't own a convertible but we have a canopy on our patio. We use the product to protect the canvas top. Since we have been spraying our top, it has held up through sun and storms for the past three years. It is still going strong. Before using this product, we were replacing the top every year.
By Rick
good product
July 10, 2012
it dose a good job
it is hard to keep the over spray off everything
dose a good job price is crazy onec you add shipping
By Kenneth C.
Sarasota, Florida
April 11, 2012