Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep

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Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep helps you properly prepare the surface of you vehicle for the application of a wax, sealant, or coating. This pure formula helps to eliminate the polishing oils, fillers, silicone oils, finger prints, and other impurities that would otherwise prevent your preferred last step product (LSP) from adhering to the surface. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep prevents premature failure of waxes, sealants, and coatings by ensuring that the surface is perfectly clean, optimizing the adhesion process. Most seasoned detailers know that LSPs need a smooth, perfectly clean surface to adhere to and that's why many professional detailers started using a 15% solution of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to prepare surfaces. While the theory is there, and IPA will remove oils, there is the issue of lubrication, namely that IPA has none. So many a detailer has tirelessly worked to perfect the paint on a vehicle only to swirl it up right before applying the LSP! That's why Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep was formulated: To properly prepare the surface for a coating without causing damage! Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep is body shop safe and contains all the lubrication necessary to allow your towel to glide over the surface without instilling any swirls or scratches. You'll love the fact that it lacks the strong odor of IPA and there's no measuring and mixing necessary. Simply spray Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep onto the surface and wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel to perfectly prepare the surface for the application of your favorite wax, sealant, or coating!
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