Speed Master Rinseless Wash Sponge

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Dual sided, ultra-soft foam

Egg crate style foam provides even weight distribution for safer experience

Crosscut pattern draws in dirt, dust, and other debris

Can hold lots of water making it the perfect choice for your rinseless wash

Egg crate cut or crosscut, your choice!

The Speed Master Rinseless Wash Sponge is a new perspective on the classic wash sponge. Featuring two different sides of ultra-soft foam, it allows you to choose what’s best for your application. The large, porous wash tool measures 8” x 5” x 3” for a perfect balance between surface area and comfortable grip. On one side you’ll see an egg crate foam that allows for perfect distribution of weight across each panel. Flip over to the over and you’ll see a crosscut patten. This is no defect, it’s actually part of the design. The crosscut patten allows for dirt, dust, and grime to be pulled up into the Speed Master Rinseless Wash Sponge and allow it to safely glide across the surface. The combination of it’s unique design surface safe foam will make the Speed Master Rinseless Wash Sponge your new go-to!

8" x 5" x 3"

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