SONAX Profiline Final 1000 ml.

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SONAX Profiline Final is a final-step polish designed to perfect your vehicle's surface and leave behind a high gloss finish. This low abrasive formula will remove mild imperfection like light swirls, shallow scratches, and unsightly smudges. Perfect for use after compounding with SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05, SONAX Profiline Final is an ideal way to end a correction detail. SONAX Profiline Final features:
• Can be used by hand or by machine - although machine use is recommended for faster results
• Finished extremely well - sometimes a wax isn't even necessary for a great shine!
• A 6 on the "SONAX Gloss Scale" Directions for use:
Do not apply in direct sunlight. Be sure entire vehicle has been washed and dried. For use by hand:
• Apply 3 nickel sized drop of SONAX Profiline Final onto a hand foam polishing pad and work in a back and forth, overlapping motion until product starts to dry. Wipe polish away using a clean, dry microfiber towel. Continue around the entire vehicle.
For use by machine:
• Apply three nickel sized drops of product onto a foam polishing pad. Using medium pressure, working on one panel at a time, work the product into the surface using a back and forth, overlapping motion. When product begins to dry, check your progress and repeat if necessary. Continue until a high gloss is achieved. 1000 ml/ 1 Liter
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