SONAX Profiline Actifoam Energy

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Add a little energy to your next wash!

Highly concentrated for an extreme clean

1:30 dilution ration for extreme value

Perfect for use in a foam gun or cannon!

SONAX Profiline Actifoam Energy is an ultra-concentrated washing formula designed to extreme clean all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, wheels, rubber, plastic, exterior decals, vinyl wraps, and more! This pH-neutral formula allow you to use it as you see fit – as a car wash, insect remover, wheel cleaner, etc., without affecting your existing car wash or coating. When you need to “re-energize” your car wash, pull out the SONAX Profiline Actifoam Energy!

SONAX Profiline Actifoam Energy is formulated with a high foaming agent and makes it perfect for use in a foam gun or cannon. The concentrated suds stick to your exterior surfaces and allow the specialized ingredients to gently remove surface contamination with little to no agitation necessary!

SONAX Profiline Actifoam Energy features:
• 1:30 dilution ratio – extreme concentration allows you to adjust the product to fit your needs.
• Foam gun or cannon ready – quick and easy washing!
• pH-neutral doesn’t affect existing wax or paint coating.

Directions for use:
• Dilute with water at a ration of 1:30.
• Add the water/concentrate mixture to a foam gun or cannon.
• Spray SONAX Profiline Actifoam Energy across your vehicle, coating top to bottom.
• Depending on level of contamination, use a clean microfiber wash mitt to wash the surface using a side to side, back and forth motion, working one panel at a time. • Rinse and dry.

1000 ml/ 1 Liter

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