Rupes DA Blue Coarse Foam Pad - 50-70mm - 2.75 Inch - 4 Pack

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The D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad is the first, and most aggressive foam pad of the RUPES polishing system. Redesigned to capture the best attributes of the previous Blue Coarse and Green Medium cutting pads, the D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad yields powerful corrective capabilities and a smooth finish. The D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad features a lower profile than previous version for increased pad spin on contact. The optimized size also provides increased cooling capabilities for enhanced durability and pad life. The D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad performs best when paired with RUPES D-A COARSE High-Performance Cutting Compound.

Please note, the backing material is 50mm (2 inch) and the face is 70mm (2.75 inch). This pad is to be used with a RUPES iBrid Nano, or a machine with a 50mm (2 inch) backing plate

4 Pads per Package
50/70mm (2.75 Inch)

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