RUPES Coarse Blue Wool Pad - 4 inch

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Dual density fiber build

Color coded for blue coarse compound

Avoid haze and other effects

Removes heavy defects like swirls, holograms, oxidation, and scratches

Designed for max cutting power

Featuring a dual density fiber build, the RUPES Coarse Blue Wool Polishing Pad uses its specialized construction to deliver max cutting ability to your paint! Best used with the RUPES COARSE Compound, the Coarse Blue Wool Polishing Pad is color coded to make sure that the right product goes on the right pad. The RUPES Coarse Blue Wool Polishing Pad to remove heavy defects like swirls, oxidation, holograms, and scratches! Similar wool pads will leave haze, and other unfriendly aftereffects. However, the way RUPES designed their wool pads with the dual density fiber, hazing is a thing in the past!

Need some heavy imperfections removed? Look not further than the RUPES Coarse Blue Wool Polishing Pad!

Please note: Rupes 100 mm (4 inch) pads are designed to be used with a 3 inch hook and loop backing plate. This pad can be used with the RUPES LHR 75e Mini, LHR 75 Pneumatic Mini, LTA 75 Triple Action Mini, or any machine with a 80mm (3 inch) backing plate.

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