Rupes UNO Pure Ultrafine Polish

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When you need a PURE finish

RUPES UNO PURE is the final step for show car perfection. This ultra-fine abrasive polish gently smooths out imperfections in the softest paint and leaves nothing but a mirror finish behind. RUPES UNO PURE is the third and final stage of the RUPES polishing system. RUPES UNO PURE was developed to work with delicate surfaces and produce an immaculate finish regardless of the tool being used. Many ultra-fine polishes contain fillers to mask light imperfections, but not RUPES UNO PURE. Just as the name implies, this is a PURE polish. Which means its body shop safe and can work in nearly every environment you can use it in!

ULTRA-FINE! Light cut to create a mirror finish
Developed and blended in house by the RUPES Italy team, RUPES UNO PURE contains the latest in abrasive technology to provide light cut and yield pure reflectivity. The light cutting level of RUPES UNO PURE pairs up perfectly with single stage, clearcoat, hard, soft, and even sticky paints. Plus, it wipes away easily to ensure no towel marks are left behind.

VERSATILE! Can be used with all machine types and most pads
Match the performance of RUPES UNO PURE with the paint you're working with. While it's recommended to use RUPES Ultra-Fine White Finishing Foam Pads with RUPES UNO PURE, you can mix and match to adjust the level of cut needed. More aggressive pads will push the ultra-fine abrasives in RUPES UNO PURE to the level you need them!

PURE! No fancy fillers or deceptions are bottled here.
As you would expect, the results are PURE! RUPES UNO PURE contains no fillers to cover up imperfections, like many other finishing products on the market. The proprietary abrasive technology is designed to work out the lightest imperfections and leave a glossy smooth surface. And since RUPES UNO PURE doesn't rely on fillers, its body shop safe!


  • Shake well before use.
  • Use with RUPES white foam pads.
  • Prime by applying UNO Pure to the face of the pad.
  • Work the product in a section 6x the size of the polishing pad being used, applying light to moderate pressure.
  • Wipe away residues with a clean, soft microfiber cloth and inspect the surface for results.

250 ml. (8.4 oz.)

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