Renny Doyle Double Black Odor Doc - 1 Treatment

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Item Description:

Eliminates bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke and more on a molecular level

Creates a vapor of chlorine dioxide – perfect for confined spaces

Simple and highly effective treatment – 5 minute prep, 1 hour treatment

Permanently destroys odors on contact

The Doc is IN!

Renny Doyle Double Black Odor Doc is a permanent solution to the foul odors plaguing your interior. This simple, yet highly effective treatment kit creates a chlorine dioxide vapor to oxidize odor molecules. To put that in laymen’s terms, Renny Doyle Double Black Odor Doc completely destroys foul odors at the source. Period! Renny Doyle Double Black Odor Doc is perfect for the removal of foul fragrances like bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, and much more.

SIMPLE APPLACATION! Just five minutes of prep and Odor Doc does the rest.
No complex procedure here. A few simple adjustments to your vehicle’s interior is all the prep required. Adjusting floor mats, opening visors, and buckling seatbelts allow the vapor from Renny Doyle Double Black Odor Doc to come into contact with the most surface area.

ELIMINATES BACTERIA! Removes foul odors directly at the source.
This is no fluffy cover up. Renny Doyle Double Black Odor Doc uses a chlorine dioxide vapor to complete an irreversible oxidation of odor molecules. Within one hour, Odor Doc can permanently remove any foul fragrance directly at the source. Bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke. You name it, the Doc handles it.

HIGLY EFFECTIVE! Odor Doc floods your vehicle with a powerful odor eliminating vapor, leaving no surface untreated!
Many odor treatments require tedious application to the entire surface area. Leaving you to either pull seats or search for the source of the smell. Renny Doyle Double Black Odor Doc fills the vehicle with a powerful vapor that seeks out that source. With a few adjustments to the interior, you can ensure 100% coverage while you sit back and enjoy a lunch break.


*Fully detailed instructions included in package along with SDS

  • Prep vehicle to ensure as much surface coverage as possible.
  • Place both tablets side by side in container and fill with water to fill line.
  • Keep all doors closed for 1 hour while treatment does its work.

Note: Read all instructions and safety material included to ensure a safe and effective treatment

2 Tablets - 1 Treatment