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Renny Doyle Double Black Envy Jeweling Polish

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Item Description:

Create a shine that brings envy to the eye

Envy is designed as a finish polish giving the paint a “jeweled” appearance once polished. Use with high action, forced rotation and traditional polishers. Envy contains an extra fine abrasives designed to give your paint a wet or jeweled appearance. The resulting deep gloss will give your paint restoration a show car quality finish without fillers which hide imperfections, meaning it will create a lasting gloss that is ideally suited for a coating applications and high end paint correction projects.


  • Use your preferred pad and polisher combination to apply Renny Doyle Double Black Envy Jeweling Polish.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of Renny Doyle Double Black Envy Jeweling Polish to the surface of the pad to ensure proper lubricity and correction potential.
  • Work in 2’ x 2’ sections, using light pressure to apply the product to your paint.
  • Wipe the surface dry with a soft, dry, clean microfiber towel. Repeat for the entire paint surface, checking often to ensure desired results.

16 oz.

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