Renny Doyle Double Black Ego Maker Compound

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  • Advanced technology
  • High action compatible
  • Forced rotation ready
  • Rotary polisher capable

Ego Maker compound is designed for use with high action, forced rotation or traditional rotary polishers. Ego Maker restores the paint finish by removing sanding marks, scratches, and other paint imperfections. Ego Maker aggressively cleans the clearcoat paint surface preparing it for final stage paint correction. Safe for use in body shops. Contains no wax or silicone.

Directions: Select your desired tool and pad combination. Apply a small amount of Ego Maker to the paint surface or pad and begin the paint correction process. Use light to medium pressure to remove paint imperfections. Work a 2' x 2' area or smaller and apply sufficient product to lubricate and provide sufficient cleaning. Take your time and repeat the process over entire paint surface. Inspect paint thoroughly to make sure all imperfections have been resolved. 32 oz.

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