P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish & Protectant

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This is no Hail Mary. This. Is. Play Maker!

Play Maker - All In One Polish & Protectant (infused w/Bead Maker) features micro abrasive technology that removes swirl marks, light scratches, paint imperfections and mild oxidation producing a bright paint finish. In one step Play Maker polishes and protects paint. Play Maker is formulated to work by hand or rotary, dual or forced action machines. Play Maker is a dust free extremely easy to use product for use by both professionals and enthusiasts.

Whether you are a pro or enthusiast you will thoroughly enjoy using Play Maker. Play Maker features a long working time which allows for extended paint correction. The dust free formula also adds to the overall product experience.


  • Wash the entire vehicle prior to beginning the polishing process. If necessary, clay the surface of the paint.
  • Select your desired tool and pad combination for polishing.
  • Apply a small amount of P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish & Protectant to the paint surface or the pad and begin the paint correction process. Use light to medium pressure to produce a bright finish. Work a 2' x 2' area or smaller and apply sufficient product to lubricate and provide sufficient cleaning
  • Take your time and repeat the process over the entire paint surface. Inspect paint thoroughly to make sure optimal results have been achieved and polish to a bright finish using a quality microfiber towel.
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