P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection Clarity Creme - 16 oz.

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Clarity made simple!

P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish rids your glass of the hazy contamination you see every time you get on the road. The fast and effective formulation of P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish removes everything from caked on road grime to stubborn water spots. Most glass cleaners on the market are only built to handle light dirt and contamination, P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish is made to handle the rest! Not only will P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish restore your glass back to its original brilliance, it will also leave a freshly prepped surface for application of a ceramic coating!

RESTORES! Stop trying to see through the haze and bring back the clarity!
Not only is that windshield haze hard to look at, it's hard to look through! Don't put your safety at risk and restore you glass back to perfection with P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish. P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish easily removes built up road film and water spots impeding your vision.

PREPS! Leave your glass in perfect shape, and the perfection condition for a coating!
Clarity isn't the only thing P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish delivers. It leaves a surface so clean you can go right into installing your choice of ceramic coating! P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish simultaneously polishes and preps the glass which saves you time and money!

FAST! This is no illusion; quickly restore you glass back to perfection!
Stop attempting to clean your glass with the same cleaner over and over again expecting better results. P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish quickly cuts through built up contamination quickly and effectively. P&S Clarity Creme Glass Polish can be used by hand or machine depending on the severity of your situation.


  • Wash and clay glass if necessary.
  • For light duty polishing, use by hand with microfiber towels.
  • For medium duty cleaning and beyond, use a machine paired with a foam or wool pad, depending upon severity.
  • Polish using overlapping pattern, either by hand or by machine, until glass is restored to original condition.
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • Once complete, allow for polish to dry to haze and polish to a bright finish.

16 oz.

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