Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant - 16 oz.

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Blend of carnauba and synthetic protection create perfect synergy

Creates deep, long-lasting gloss

Can be used on both wet and dry surfaces

Protects against UV damage and contamination

Where natural and synthetic intertwine to perfection

Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant strikes a balance between naturally derived protectants and synthetic elements to create stunning gloss paired with durable protection. The roots of the Pinnacle Natural Brilliance line have always focused on science and nature in harmony while the Black Label Collection has focused on newer synthetic technology. Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant delivers you the best of both worlds. The warm, embracing gloss from carnauba paired with synthetic elements to enhance gloss, depth, and protection. Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant will astound you with how simple it is to achieve an award-winning shine.

GLOSS! Creates a deep, shimmering gloss with a proprietary blend of carnauba and synthetic elements.
Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant unlocks a gloss that many believe cannot be derived from a spray on product. The research and complex chemistry from each spray of Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant will wipe away any doubts.

HYDROPHOBIC! Creates tall and tight water beads by increasing surface tension
While gloss is important, so is the hydrophobic properties. Increased surface tension repels everything from water and dirt, to other contamination that you will likely contact on the road. Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant achieves this with its advanced blend of synthetic elements. Protecting your paint for the road ahead!

SIMPLE APPLICATION! Wet paint, dry paint, does not matter. Just spray on and buff off!
Nothing takes the joy out of detailing like a difficulty or tacky product. Pinnacle strives to make every product just as enjoyable as the shine itself, and Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant is no different. The minimalist application is as easy as misting a panel and buffing it off with a high-quality microfiber.


  • Apply to wet or dry paint
  • Wash car as normal
  • Spray the surface to be treated and either dry (if applying to wet paint) with a microfiber drying towel or buff away (if apply dry) using a high-quality buffing towel.
  • Synergy Spray Sealant can be applied as often as you like without losing quality.

16 oz.

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