Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Wax Elite Kit

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Transform your paint into a masterpiece!

The Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Wax Elite Kit is more than a collection of the finest car care products made... It is a full range of products designed to create the illusion of dripping wet, three dimensional, high-energy paint along with long-lasting, near impenetrable protection. Paint that has been treated with Pinnacle Black Label Synergy will radiate with vibrancy while combining the depth of a carnauba wax with the high-gloss finish and protection of a coating.

The core of the Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Wax Elite Kit is Synergy – a new type of carnauba “wax” that has been formulated with nano-scale glass particles which crystallize when applied to paint. The result is a breath taking shine and unmatched protection. The Elite Kit also contains the necessary Black Label products to prepare the paint for application and maintain the shine.

Your automobile deserves Black Label. The Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Wax Elite Kit contains includes:

Pinnacle Black Label Synergy
Pinnacle Black Label Synergy is the best decision a discerning owner can make in increasing the shine and protection of their vehicle's paint. Old school meets new world with Synergy's synthesis of classic carnauba and nano-coating technology to create a paste wax that stirs the soul with engineered perfection. Pinnacle Black Label Synergy doesn't just define Pinnacle's tradition of car care excellence... It redefines it.

Black Label Synergy is not just the brightest, deepest and wettest-looking wax that Pinnacle has ever created, it is the most protective. When water strikes the surface of Synergy, it will bead into precisely-uniform, extremely-tight spheres that run off the paint. This intense, relentless water beading forms a self-cleaning effect as water flushes of the paint. Paint treated with Pinnacle Black Label Synergy will stay cleaner, for longer.

Pinnacle Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish, 8 oz.
Rare and precious elements, such sea-born pearls and sparkling gemstones require pure, near-perfect environments to form. With just a hint of contamination. a flawless diamond will remain coal. Pinnacle Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish deep cleans and prepares the surface, creating the perfect environment for Black Label Diamond Coatings to crystallize a into highly-reflective, gem-like shields of protection with unmatched purity.

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer, 8 oz.
Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer is the first and only quick detail spray formulated specially for application with ceramic, quartz, and resin-based coatings! Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer is designed to safely remove light dust and contaminants from coated vehicles without hindering the impressive water beading or sheeting exhibited by the coating. Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer and its gloss-intensive formula increase shine and slickness after each use.

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo, 8 oz.
Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo is a hyper-concentrated, high-foaming shampoo that was designed to restore the impressive water beading and sheeting characteristics exhibited by paint and surface coatings. Crystalline nano-polymers encapsulate dirt and grime to prevent wash-induced scratches and marring. Hyper-concentrated formula only requires one pump per gallon of water.

Black Fine Flex Foam Finger Pockets, 2 Pack
The Black Wax Finger Pockets are made of ultra-soft foam for safe, gentle and effortless application of glazes, polishes, waxes and sealants. Designed to pamper the paint as much as apply a protectant, these high-quality applicators are the perfect choice for delicate finishes. Like the original finger pockets, the Black Finger Pockets fit over 3-4 fingers and make it easy to apply products to tight spaces.

Tangerine Polishing EZ Grip Hydro-Tech Hand Applicator
The tangerine foam is made for light to moderate defect removal and polishing. It has the cutting power just below that of the Lake Country orange light cutting pad, and the tangerine pad leaves a finish like you'd achieve with a gray finishing pad. Use this applicator to apply Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish.

Miracle Towel, 16 x 24 inch, 2 Pack
The Miracle Towel is a soft 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide hemmed in satin for the ultimate luxurious detailing towel. Each micro fiber in the Miracle Towel is 100 times smaller than a human hair. Once woven together, the Miracle Towel is extremely soft but also strong enough to withstand frequent use. Use the Miracle Towel on delicate finishes or when you want to treat your automobile to the best!

Pinnacle Black Label Synergy is a car wax like no other. It combines the hand-craftsmanship and classic attributes of a premium carnauba wax with the latest in precisely milled nano-glass ceramic technology. Each coat of Black Label Synergy infuses the paint with a shine so brilliant, and protection so armored, that a tradition for excellence has been redefined. With the Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Elite Kit, you can apply and keep your automobile looking like more than a shiny car... you can create a masterpiece.

Black Label Synergy, 5 oz.
Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish, 8 oz.
Black Label Diamond Coating Shampoo, 8 oz.
Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer, 8 oz.
2x Black Finger Pockets
Tangerine Polishing EZ Grip Hydro-Tech Hand Applicator
2x Miracle Towel, 16 x 24 inches

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excellent wax and most valuable kit
November 5, 2021
Easy on easy off, leave a stunning finish. and it's much worthy to get an elite kit instead of only wax.
love this item... will keep using it. Thank you Autopia for this sweet deal!
By Frank
Washington D.C.
Wonderful Service
June 8, 2016
I have not yet used this kit as I have two other orders coming in. But I want to say customer service (Paul in particular) is outstanding. I had to add two items to an order that was on backorder. Paul added the items no charge because of the backorder wait. That was unnecessary and unexpected. It is also excellent service. So, five stars for the service.
By Gary
New York
Great Product
December 16, 2015
Used Synergy on a silver SLS subsequent to the cleaner- great result- easy to use. PInt feels as smooth as can be!
Easy to use Concours quality redilt