Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner

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A clean that CLINGS!

Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner is an advanced gel tire cleaner that maximizes its cleaning power by increasing its dwell time on the surface. Formulated without the use of petroleum distillates, Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaners proprietary cleaning agents penetrated deep into the pours of your tire to achieve a new pinnacle of clean.

Tire care is one of the most problematic areas of car care. Rubber is naturally porous material, once it encounters the grime and dirt on our roadways it works its way deep into the tire. This creates an unattractive browning effect that isn't so easy to remove. Many common tire cleaners will clean the surface yet fail to remove the grime that has worked it way into your tire. Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner was created to resolve this common problem. By creating a thick, viscus formula, Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner can cling to the tire for a long duration. The increased dwell time allows for the proprietary cleaning agents to breakdown contamination at the molecular level. Since Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner utilized a combination of cleaner agents, Pinnacle was able to create a product free of petroleum distillates. This ensures you are only scrubbing out contamination, not the tire itself!

The key features of Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner produce an extremely clean surface, perfect for application of Pinnacle Black Label Tire Coating!

Directions for Use:
Spray Gel Tire Cleaner directly onto the tire's surface and allow to dwell for approximately 30-40 seconds, depending on contamination of tire. Using a medium-bristled tire brush, gently agitate the tire's surface. Rinse away using strong jet of water. Multiple applications may be needed.

8 oz.

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