Optimum Car Wash

Item Description:

Highly Concentrated Car Wash

Use less concentrate than average car wash

Rich Foaming, Lubricating lather

Tough on grime

Optimum Car Wash is designed to clean the toughest automotive grime while maximizing the protection of Optimum Car Wax. The rich foaming lather traps dirt and grime and rinses with cold water leaving a smooth, clean surface behind. Optimum Car Wash is very concentrated and using 0.5 oz. or less per gallon of water provides the necessary cleaning and foaming.

Some car wash products as well as automatic car washes can remove the UV protection and wax, leaving the clearcoat finish unprotected. Optimum Car Wash is designed to remove dirt and grime without removing the protectants of Optimum Car Wax, therefore maximizing its protection. Optimum Car Wash is also extremely gentle and very safe for consumers while containing only bio-degradable ingredients to make it safe for the environment as well.

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100% Recommend this product (16 of 16 responses)
By Jonathan
Love it
August 24, 2019
My favorite car wash. Iíve used chemical guys, griots, meguiars, etc.... and this does a better job cleaning my truck than all the others. Pleasant scent as well
By John
I use this soap the most
March 5, 2019
I love CarPro Reset, but due to the high price, Optimum car wash soap is my go-to soap that I actually end up using the most. Great lubricity and foams well with a foam cannon.
Bedford, OH
Very Good Car Wash
October 9, 2018
My favorite car wash to use!
By Usman
Excellent Car Wash Soap
September 19, 2018
Smells great, suds great, cleans beautifully! Seriously, it's a great pH neutral soap for maintenance washes. Really makes the car shine well. Also works very well in a foam cannon.
By Mason
Floyds Knobs, IN
Fantastic Car Wash
May 10, 2018
Used a few times now, really enjoyed it! Smells great but doesn't linger so if you don't want a scent left behind you don't need to worry. Very well concentrated, used for bucket for wash and was able to re-sud the bucket very well the entire time seemingly much better than any other product I used before it. I'll definitely be purchasing this from now on.
  • Great suds
  • Great smell
  • Great value
By Jason
Thorofare, NJ
Great every day car wash
March 10, 2018
Great suds, slick, cleans well and rinses clean. Does everything you want and really well. Optimum made a great wash buy focusing on what people want. Cleans well, lasting suds, slick, LSP safe and rinses clean. Not complicated and Optimum delivers.
  • Great lasting suds
  • Great lubrication wash media glides well over paint
  • Rinses clean
  • Great daily wash
  • Wish the concentrate to water ratio was higher.
By Matt N.
Get it!
September 27, 2016
What an awesome car wash. Great smell, great suds, great lubricity and great price. While not a sleeper I feel this wash should be talked about much more. Definitely getting a gallon next time.
By Slick
Palm Springs, CA
Liquid Silk!
September 22, 2016
It should be called Optimum Liquid Silk Wash. I mixed exactly one ounce of liquad for 4 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket. when I mixed it the foam was super smooth, like silk for your car. $10 is a good price given it's half an ounce to the gallon dilution ratio. Also if you wash cars for money like me and charge $20 for a wash, 32 will do about 16 washes so that's like $320 bucks.
  • Cost
  • Dilution
  • foams like silk!
  • also, it smells like blue berries
  • also, the blue soap in a clear bottle looks awesome
  • how many capfuls for an ounce? I had to use one of the things that come with liquad detergent to measure it out, instructions should say "for one gallon use two capfuls" or something like that.
By Chris
Simply awesome!
May 10, 2016
This soap rocks. It cleans well, rinses easily, suds last and dwell, and smells awesome. Plus, you don't use much per wash.
  • Price, scent, cleans & rinses well, highly concentrated
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Great Car Wash
March 23, 2016
Great car wash to use. It has a nice fruity type scent. It cleans well and left no residue on the paint once it was rinsed off. The dilution ratio makes it very cost effective. The suds it creates are very frothy. The thickest suds compared to Meguiar's Hyper Wash, Detailer's Pro Xtreme Foam and HD Wash.
  • Low dilution ratio, Great cleaning, Great lubricity, Great scent, Frothy suds
  • None
By ken
Optimum Car wash
December 10, 2015
Excellent product...
  • Little bit of soap great suds and foam in foam gun.
By Scott
Mmm blueberries!
August 20, 2015
Easily the best soap on the market! Very price friendly, highly concentrated, and super suds. This is the last car soap I will ever buy and did I mention it smells awesome too! If you haven't tried this stuff, you are missing out.
  • Best bang for your buck, highly concentrated, smell
  • None
By Neilson
Alexandria, Louisiana
great for the price
April 8, 2014
great stuff for the price
  • price
By Gabriel R.
Easily my go to shampoo
April 30, 2013
Hands down the best car shampoo in my collection. Removes road grime with ease and rinses clean with ease. Also love the blueberry scent. A little goes a long way.
  • .5 oz per gallon of water
  • Cleaning ability
  • Easily rinses clean
  • Blueberry scent
  • Long lasting suds
  • None
By Oliver
Las Vegas
good stuff
April 27, 2012
Decently concentrated, smells great, easy to work with.can't wait to get Foam gun to try with this stuff.
  • Smells good, a little goes a long way
  • Suds dry up a bit quickly
By Troy S.
Dover, Ohio
Top shelf wash
April 19, 2012
This car wash is not always talked about but in my opinion is one of the top car washes out for enthusiasts. Tons of suds and great cleaning ability. Add the Optimum polymers onto the paint. Great for use the opti seal or the spray wax.
  • Tons of foam in gun or bucket
  • Gloss enhancers
  • Works great in the optimum system
  • Takes a little effort to get it to rinse clean