Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine Two Bucket Wash System

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Optimum No Rinse and Shine is revered by detailers and enthusiasts for its ability to safely clean paint with minimal water usage while preventing marring while producing a high gloss finish. The Optimum Two Bucket Wash System combines this amazing product with everything needed to make it as safe and as effective as possible. The addition of a secondary rinse bucket allows you to rinse your wash mitt or sponge often and prevent dirt and grime from recirculating back into the wash solution. This reduces the chance of creating swirl marks. Also included are the dirt trapping Grit Guard Inserts and and an extremely soft Lake Country Car Wash Sponge. Enjoy rinseless washing safely! The Optimum No Rinse Two Bucket System Includes: Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine
Mix 2 ounces of Optimum No Rinse & Shine with four gallons of water in the first wash bucket. This multi-purpose solution contains millions of polymers that bond to the paint and the dirt creating a barrier against scratching while eliminating the need for rinsing. Optimum No Rinse & Shine can also serve as a quick detailer or a clay lubricant depending on dilution ration. 2 Clear 5 Gallon Wash Buckets
These buckets are the basis of the two bucket system. They're deep, sturdy, and they hold plenty of fluid to wash a vehicle of any size. Fill the first wash bucket with Optimum No Rinse & Shine and the second rinse bucket with just water. After washing a section of your vehicle with the wash solution dunk your wash mitt or sponge into rinse bucket and lightly scrub against the Grit Guard to remove any dirt and grime. 2 Grit Guard Inserts
Grit Guard Inserts are amazingly simple and extremely effective at preventing dirt from mixing with the wash solution or rinse water. The guard and vanes allow dirt to fall of your wash mitt or sponge to the bottom of the wash bucket were they become trapped. They add an extra margin of safety to the Optimum Two Bucket Wash System. 2 Gamma Seal® Lids
These lids form a water tight seal on the included wash buckets. This allows you to fill your buckets before your leave so you no longer need a water supply. Additionally you can store products in the buckets and seal them with the lids to prevent spillage. Lake Country Foam Car Wash Sponge
This thick, ultra porous wash sponge is cross-cut with channels to pull dirt away from the paint as you wash your car. The amazingly porous foam holds a tremendous amount of soapy water to lubricate and protect the paint. Cut-outs on each side make the sponge easy to grip with wet hands. 6 All Purpose Microfiber Towels
These appropriately named towels are suitable for a number of detailing tasks, from washing and drying, to applying and removing wax, sealants, and quick detailers. They feature a blended weave with a special feathered edge for excellent absorbency and swirl-free wiping The Optimum No Rinse Two Bucket System gives you the tools needed to safely and effectively clean your vehicle while reducing water usage. Not only is this ideal if you live in a condo, apartment, or water restricted area, it is also has less environmental impact! A total retail value of $140.88. Save $40.89!

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