Meguiars Mirror Glaze 82 Mirror Glaze Swirl Free Polish

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Removes swirl marks and fine scratches to restore a deep, gleaming shine! Take the guesswork out of machine detailing with Meguiars easy, number-coded polishes. A scale right on the front label tells you instantly how one polish compares to another. For example, this #82 Swirl Free Polish has a rating of 3 indicating it is a light cutting polish with the ability to remove mild swirls and fine scratches. Use it on aging paint finishes to restore the luster and smoothness. Swirl Free Polish is comparable to Meguiars #9 Swirl Remover, yet #82 is designed for professional use. Therefore, #82 responds well to machine application with a rotary or orbital buffer. It quickly removes most swirl marks and light scratches. In a body shop environment, you can't beat the speed and effectiveness of this product. It leaves a smooth gloss that is ready to be topped with wax or painted. Meguiars #82 Swirl Free Polish is paintable and body shop safe. If you have more severe swirls, use Meguiars Dual Action Cleaner Polish first. This will tackle deeper imperfections. Following up with #83 will eliminate any hazing created by the cleaner and restore the like-new luster. Top off the finish with any of Meguiars premium waxes. We recommend buffing with a Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth for the best results. If you are using a dual action polisher, slip a microfiber bonnet over a pad to remove the polish residue. Microfiber will provide the gentlest buff and the brightest shine. Restore the like-new shine and slickness to your vehicle with Meguiars #82 Swirl Free Polish. It eliminates light swirls and scratches with lightening-fast speed when used with your polisher. 32 oz.
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