DP Detailing Products Tar and Adhesive Remover

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Safe and effective formula derived using citrus oils

Safe for all painted surfaces and glass

Removes tar, tree sap, and adhesive residue

Simple spray and wipe solution to sticky surfaces

Get out of any sticky situation!

DP Tar & Adhesive Remover designed to remove stuck-on tar, tree sap, sticker residue and other adhesives. DP Tar & Adhesive Remover uses a slow evaporation process that allows for complete penetration, allowing for easy removal of sticky substances. Naturally derived using citrus oils, DP Tar & Adhesive Remover is biodegradable and is safe to use on both painted and glass surfaces.

STICKINESS REMOVAL! Rid your car of all tar, tree sap, sticker and adhesive residue.
DP Tar & Adhesive Remover is naturally derived using citrus oils. These oils dissolve and remove stickiness, such as tar, tree sap, sticker residue and other adhesive materials, all without harming the surface. DP Tar & Adhesive Remover is biodegradable, making it perfect to use on paint and glass. This product utilizes a slow evaporation process that allows for a complete penetration of the sticky substance.

SAFE! Naturally derived and biodegradable formulated.
Donít worry about that bumper sticker you regret, you can toss the sticker and all the stickiness with the power DP Tar & Adhesive Remover. It also removes tree sap for those of you known to park in shady tree spots.

EASY-TO-USE! Spray, set and swipe!
Tackle any sticky situation with the ease of a spray bottle. To remove these problems all you have to do it spray, let is set, if necessary, scrub and then buff away with a microfiber towel.


  • Spray DP Tar & Adhesive Remover directly onto the affected area.
  • Allow to dwell for approximately one minute.
  • If necessary, use a paint-safe scrub brush or plastic razor bald to aid in removal of adhered substance.
  • Wipe excess product away using a clean microfiber towel.

DP Pro Tip: Use a quick detailer or All Purpose Cleaner to remove any residue that may remain behind.

16 oz.

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