Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro - 100 ml Kit

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  • Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro - 100 ml Kit
  • Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro - 100 ml Kit
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A seaworthy seal

Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro redefines what you can expect from a marine coating. Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro was designed to create stunning hydrophobics, gloss, and slickness on porous gel coat surfaces. And better yet, it can be used on more than just gel coat. Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro is an ideal way to protect clear coats, plastics, and metals that are exposed to extremely harsh environments, such as the marine environment. Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro was engineered to provide much more than just protection; it was designed for optimal application in “unconventional" environments. Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro contains a unique flashing agent along with its high resin composition. This unique attribute provides extended flash times over traditional marine coatings and allows for a larger application area. With this extremely easy to use and powerful protectant, you'll never turn back to wax again!

HIGH RESIN COMPOSITION! Engineered for porous gel coats and the harsh environment of the ocean!
To withstand the harsh contamination and abuse of the marine environment Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro utilizes a proprietary high resin formulation. Not only will this provide a much more durable protectant, it will also provide increased resistance to salt and other marine contamination.

EXTREME UV RESISTANCE! Protects your sensitive gelcoat surfaces from oxidation and degradation.
Unlike waxes or sealants, which are merely resistant to UV rays, Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro provides a physical layer of protection packed with UV inhibitors. This physical layer is much more resistant to the harsh UV rays that your vessel is constantly exposed to. This advanced protection will prevent oxidation and chalking that you normally see in older gel coat surfaces.

ADVANCED FLASHING PROCESS! Longer flash allows for more flexibility and larger working areas!
Once of the most common problems that arises when coating a vessel is the environment. Not only are you working a such a large surface when compared to a car, chances are you're not in a garage either. The chemists behind Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro included a unique twist to the flashing agents to help elevate troublesome application. This allows for Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro to be used in direct sunlight and still prolongs the flashing process for an increased working area.


  • For best results, ensure surface is clear of oxidation, swirls, and scratches.
  • Compound and polish gel coat if necessary.
  • Use Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray to remove any remaining polishing oils.
  • Using a microfiber applicator, apply Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro to the surface in a back and forth, criss-cross motion. Because of the longer flash time, you can work in a larger area - 6 sq. ft. x 6 sq. ft. is ideal.
  • When flashing has occurred, you are clear to wipe away excess product.
  • Repeat around entirety of vessel.
  • Marine 31 Vessel Coat UV Pro can be layered, with 3 coats being ideal.
  • Allow at least 1 hour between layers. Coating cures in approximately 24-48 hours with full coating effectiveness being achieved at 1 week.

100 ml.

ORMD WARNING - Federal regulations prohibit this product by shipping via air. This item is shipped by GROUND service only. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT OUTSIDE MAINLAND USA.
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