Collinite All-In-One Polishing Wax

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All-In-One Polishing Wax clean and protect in just one step!

Collinite All-In-One Polishing Wax is the newest formula of the product once known as Collinite Liquid Sapphire Auto Wax. Collinite All-In-One Polishing Wax brings new power and performance to the all in one market with micro abrasives to safely remove light oxidation, light water spots, and paint contamination!

Collinite All-In-One Polishing Wax is an easy to use all-in-one cleaner that still leaves that signature Collinite water beading effect and capitalizes on carnauba's natural ability to fill fine swirl marks. While Collinite All-In-One Polishing Wax is a wax and could not completely replace polishing, it will provide a solution to skipping a prewax cleaner and still provide you with a vivid carnauba shine in one simple step!

Directions: Shake well before using. Surface should feel lukewarm to the touch. Apply THIN amount of Collinite All-In-One Polishing Wax to section no larger than 2X2 ft at a time with applicator pad. Rub well to loosen all tarnish, oxidation etc. Reapply as necessary until surface is free of embedded contaminants. When product begins to dry, polish off with dry microfiber or soft cotton towel. For added protection/durability on clean surfaces, follow up with one of Collinite's last step waxes (845, 476s, 915)). This product is not recommended for new paint or paint finishes that are already in good condition. Not for use on vinyl, rubber, trim, or glass. 16 oz.
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