Collinite Marque DElegance Carnauba Paste Wax 915

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Collinite Marque D’Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax #915

Collinite’s highest concentration of rare carnauba wax.

This top-shelf blend is the product to have for darker, pristinely-kept finishes.

Enhances showroom look while protecting the finish.

For the BEST in wax endurance, Marque d'Elegance is the product to have. Car enthusiasts demand a wax that is proven to protect in the most demanding environments, rain or shine, on track or on the street. They have discovered that Collinite Marque d'Elegance gives their valuable automotive investments a blinding, lasting shine because its formulated from the highest-ever concentration of pure Carnauba waxes. And no abrasives means all Collinite waxes are absolutely clear coat safe. It doesn't get any better!

  • Exterior vehicle surfaces-car, truck, RV, aircraft, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat.
  • Clear-coat, single stage and lacquer paints, gel coat, and fiberglass.
  • CLEAN, unblemished painted/unpainted metals; chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass
  • NOT recommended for rubber, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic.
Directions: Surface should feel lukewarm to the touch. Apply wax in THIN, even coat to a CLEAN section no larger than 2X2 ft at a time with applicator pad. As wax begins to dry/haze, polish off with dry microfiber or soft cotton towel.

1 Qty - 12 oz.

Collinite 915 After 3 Months on a Ford F150

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Long lasting "boutique" wax
July 10, 2018
915 looks like a beauty wax... but it lasts forever (or at least 8+ months). It's not hard to use if you apply thin. Don't be scared of it. Everything should be applied thin these days. I'm still amazed how this looked on my friends truck that I applied it on. This will be my go-to for winter time.
  • Extremely durable, easy to use when applied thin, amazing deep shine.
By Joseph
New Britain, CT.
Good Quality Wax
April 21, 2017
I was a bit hesitant about buying this particular wax because supposedly it would require heavy buffing to remove and is advertised as being made more for darker colors. The car I used it on is a 012 grey Kia Optima that I recently bought that I don't think was ever waxed in it's life. I used bug and tar remover to get off the caked on bits of asphalt and than clay bared it, I skipped the polish because I don't have the patience for a three stage buffing, car started to look good after clay bar but than looked great after applying this wax. I had no issue with removing wax after it would begin to haze ( aprox 3 to 5 minute wait) I suspect that some of the folks who did have issues with removal probably used about half the can of wax, when actually you should only be using about five percent of can, thin coats are key. Very pleased with results and it is definitely one of the better waxes that I have ever used, and I've tried many different waxes over the years.
  • excellant shine, worked well on my light colored car, I thought it was pretty easy to work with, not as easy as some of the easy on easy off waxes out there, but it wasn't bad at all
  • This is hardly a major con, but you may find a few spots on car a day or two later, where there may still be bits of dry wax on car that you thought you removed but were still there, and need to be rubbed off
By greenspire
Rochester, NY
Nice stuff!
September 21, 2016
Seems to hold up real well and water definitely beads up!
  • Holding up well but time will tell! I know another person who has used this and they are very complimentary as well.
  • Definitely need to do small areas at a time LIKE THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY! LOL
  • I did too big an area and let it dry to long .....big mistake! I had to re-wax some of the really dry areas to be able to get it off.
  • My bad! Looks nice though!
By robert s.
orange connecticut
Unbelievable Shine
July 6, 2016
I have used this product before it is easy to use and the shine in incredible. Just make sure you apply in shady area not in sun. Also I even use on my windows and they not only shine the rain water flies right off the car. You wont be disappointed in the product however I used the regular wax first then applied two coats of this wax for a final coat. The use cold water after wax to harden the wax
  • great long lasting shine
  • do not use on hot car or in sun or it will be difficult to remove
By Yulius
Edmonds, WA
Fancy wax version of #845
June 18, 2016
I used this on some clients' vehicles. Works very well.
By Chris
Seattle, WA
Amazing on Black!
January 27, 2016
I thought this wax was just good for its crazy durability but I couldn't believe the depth of shine that rivals the best carnauba waxes out there! Even with all the new coatings on the market, I this still provides a great balance of durability and looks that can't be touched by even the best coatings on the market.

Its very easy to apply but make sure you pay attention to your removal times as it can be difficult to remove once you past that window.
  • Amazing depth and wet finish
  • Great durability - approximately 6 months for me
  • Easy to apply
By Rick S.
Sunrise, Fl. 1/10/2016
Xmas Gift
January 12, 2016
Received Sunus SFX2, Sonus SFX3, Klasse Polish and Collinite Carnaubau Wax for a gift. Applied according to your website... See PICS
  • Excellent
By Jeremy
Atlanta, GA
About as good as it gets
November 16, 2015
This is my favorite wax thus far. Not cheap, but certainly not expensive in the world of high end waxes. This stuff performs with the best of the best. Looks great, especially on darker colors and has excellent durability to boot. Just be sure to apply super thin and don't let it sit too long before buffing off, as it only takes a couple of minutes. I will typically apply to two panels and then go back and buff off. Very easy that way.
  • Great value in boutique wax
  • Very durable
  • Excellent gloss
  • gets hard to buff off if you let it sit too long
By Dave
Rich warm shine
September 12, 2015
Been using this wax fox over 30 years. Make metallics "pop". Great beading and a warm glow especially on darker colors.
By Zubair
Johannesburg, South Africa
Show Car Wax
December 11, 2014
The only beauty wax in the world that has durability.
  • Extreme Wet Look Shine with Depth
  • More durable than sealants
By Bobby A.
Phoenix, Arizona
THIS IS THE BEST WAX you will ever find!!!!
August 30, 2012
i am a professional detailer in Scottsdale & Paradise Valley Arizona. i specialize in Very, Very expensive $$$$$ Exotic and Classic cars who's owners demand the best . i tried the $75 Pinnacle Soveriegn as well as the exotic formulated $450 waxes(a total rip off for people who have more money than brains...) The Pinnacle wax was by far better than the ultra expensive botique waxes, BUT!!!!!!!!!!! when i tried Marque D' Elegance side by side w/ Pinnacle, i was shocked ! The DEPTH & CLARITY kicked Pinnacle's butt !

This stuff is PERFECT for the DARK EXOTIC COLORS as well as the Light Colors. The only Negative is you have to put some muscle into wiping the wax off... but the effort is well worth the results, a Deep Rich Wet Look Shine that will easily last over 6 months !!! The price is very affordable, i must admit i'd pay $50 if i had to to get this product. Try it for yourself, i guaruntee you that you'll be Impressed...

Bobby Babbitt AKA Palm Beach Detail
  • The Depth and Clarity of the shine and the "Clean finished look..." it will easily last well over 6 months.
  • you'll have to put some elbow grease into wiping it off but it's well worth the effort for the reward....
By HemiVic
Huntington Beach, CA
Collinite Waxes are the Best Kept Secret!
July 30, 2012
I have used Collinite waxes since 1980 and the Marque D'Elegance is excellent! I've waxed both my Hemi Charger and Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee (Both Silver in Color) and the shine was incredible! I always recommend clay barring any vehicle after a good wash and especially before applying any good car wax. Collinite waxes are not known to many Detail Enthusiasts but all of their products are excellent! They provide good over all protection, excellent shine, and are all very reasonably priced.
  • Excellent shine!
  • Good Protection!
  • Very reasonably priced!
  • Nothing!
By David
Rochester NY
Excellent Product - Surpasses Other National Brands (I.M.H.O.)
June 22, 2012
My experience with this product:

I own a 2003 BMW 530 (E39) in Topaz Blue. I have been using Collinite products for many years, and this specificproduct for 9 years - my car still looks great.

Note: This product is formulated to work especially well on dark colors.
For Lighter colors: I recommend Collinite Insulator Wax #845.

Preparation: Apply to a CLEAN surface; washed, and free of blemishes, discoloration or other imperfections like
swirls or scratches. A clean/properly-prepped surface will ease the application/removal process;
improving spread and increasing durability of wax’s bond. Avoid heavy detergents or low-grade soaps.

If your paint surface is in bad shape (oxidized) try the Pre-Wax Cleaner #840, first before waxing.

Application Tips:
1. Park vehicle in a shaded area, apply to a medium warm painted surface. (Not hot!)
Avoid applying in direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures (over 80 degrees F or less than 55 degrees
F). Surface temperatures should feel lukewarm-room temperature to the touch. Do not apply if surface
feels cold or hot to the touch.

2. Apply product sparingly. Apply a THIN coat of wax with foam pad or synthetic sponge.
3. Apply in 2x2 to 3x3 Feet sections. Experiment on a small section first before tackling larger areas. You will get the hang of it quickly.
4. When wax begins to dry (a light, hazy residue will appear on surface), remove with dry microfiber towel or
cotton cloth.
Note: Do NOT apply wax to entire vehicle, or sections larger than recommended before removing, as
prolonged drying or cure times may lead to wax hardening on surface; causing streaking or difficulty for
some users to remove properly.

For Professionals: Safe to use with machine buffer if experienced. Check machine manufacturer’s speed/pad
specifications for last step protective waxes that contain no cleaners, abrasives, or filling agents.
  • 1- Showroom Quality Shine
  • 2 - Great $ value.
  • 3 - Leaves a rich, long-lasting, and durable shine.
  • 4 - Great for darker colors.