IGL Ecocoat Poly - 50 ml Kit.

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REACH for the new compliant high solid coating from IGL!

IGL Ecocoat Poly is the first paint coating from IGL developed for the you, the consumer! IGL has been a staple in the shops of many professional detailers for years, but now that same high-quality and standard is available to everyone! Formulated with a blend of proprietary active material, carrier, and nanotechnology free of any carcinogenic chemicals. IGL Ecocoat Poly is a REACH compliant formulation that increases paint reflectivity and provides ample gloss. The durable layer of IGL Ecocoat Poly provides an 8H hardness level to provide resistance against harsh chemicals, micro marring, and dulling.

HIGHT SOLIDS FORMULA. 70% active ingredients and 30% solvent creates a thick shield on your paint!
The proprietary formulation of IGL Ecocoat Poly creates a measurably thick layer of protection on your paint, 0.5um to be exact. This unique approach of higher concentrations of active ingredients also provides an impressive level of chemical resistance between 1-14pH

EXTREME HARDNESS! Crosslinks and cures to a hardness of up to 8H.
Once IGL Ecocoat Poly hits the surface it begins to crosslink and cure. Once fully cured IGL Ecocoat Poly can provide a hardness level of up to 8H. The increased strength provides further protection from scratching, micro-marring, and dulling.

SUPER HYDROPHOBIC QUALITY! Water, dirt, contamination, IGL Ecocoat Poly resist them all!
Aside from hyperactive water activity, the hydrophobic properties of IGL Ecocoat Poly will resist dirt and contamination. IGL Ecocoat Poly touts a 105° water contact angle ensuring that everything that tries to cling to your paint doesn't stand a chance.


*Do not apply in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. *

Step 1: Cleaning the surface

  • Keep the mixture unstirred.
  • Ensure that the surface is clean BEFORE application. Because in order to permit sufficient chemical bonding of Ecocoat Poly to the substrate, the surface must be carefully cleaned of all contaminants before the application.
  • Coat the cleaned surface immediately after cleaning to prevent any contamination.

Step 2: Treatment process

  • Place a few drops of Ecocoat Poly on the provided application cloth in a vertical direction.
  • Apply the product lightly on the surface in a 3' x 3' area, in a vertical (up and down) then horizontal (left to right) motion.
  • Always ensure the areas coated are overlapping.
  • Wait for about 2-5 minutes (or when there is a small resistance in buffing) then buff off with a clean dry microfiber towel.
  • Allow coating to cure for 1-2 hours and then apply a second layer.

Kit includes:

  • 50 ml. Ecocoat Poly
  • 100 ml. Ecocoat Precoat
  • 100 ml. Ecocoat Premier
  • 4 Qty. Application Cloths
  • Application Block
  • Pair of Latex Gloves
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