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IGL Ecocoat Leather Kit

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Item Description:

Superb Hydrophobic Quality - Water contact angle over 120°

Anti-Fouling - Surface stays cleaner, longer

Stays Original – Surface retains its original texture

Zero Odor – Low VOC formulation provides an odor free leather coating

IGL Ecocoat Leather is a REACH compliant 100% breathable, low VOC, non etching coating. It cross-links with the surface of the leather to create an invisible layer that repels undesirable liquid, dirt, dye and UV-radiation. It can be applied on virtually any leather. The result is protection against unwanted liquids, dirt and stains without altering the flexibility, appearance or texture of the coated surface.

Product Data

  • Contact Angle: 120°
  • Durability: 12 mths
  • Temperature Resistance: <100°C
  • pH Tolerance: 1-14pH
  • VOC: 20m/l
  • Thickness: 0.1 um
  • Consumption: 1ml/m2
  • Active Material %: 80%

Kit Includes:

  • Ecocoat Leather 30ml
  • Ecoclean Precoat 60ml
  • Ecoshine Leather 60ml
  • 4 Application cloth
  • 1 Application block

30 ml.

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IGL Ecocoat Leather Kit