Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner

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Cared for leather exhibits a natural, non-shiny, appearance and soft, supple, feel. Forgo cheap, silicone-based leather dressings; protect and preserve your leather with Pinnacle Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner. This all-natural hide conditioning cream is safe for all leathers, including extremely-delicate unfinished aniline hides. Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner represents the finest in leather care. The overwhelming majority of today's leather is finished, which is another name for coated. A top layer of urethane or vinyl protects the delicate hide underneath. This coating is very durable and has allowed a slew of cheap, petroleum-based conditioners to flood the market. Unfortunately, these conditioners leave a greasy feel that attracts dirt and grime, the number one cause of leather wear. Aniline leather, which is raw and unfinished, is the truest test of a conditioning product. Exposed to inexpensive petroleum-based cleaners, aniline leather will stain and discolor. Not only is Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner the ideal choice for coated leathers, but it is the only choice when dealing with luxurious aniline hides. Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner is formulated with mink oil and lanolinWhen you apply Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner to your leather, you are treating it to a bath of natural mink oil and lanolin. These ingredients will absorb into any exposed hide and hydrate them, restoring a soft and supple feel. When you apply Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner to pigmented and semi-aniline leather, the leather found in most new cars, make sure to work into any folds and seams, as well as around the stitching, to allow the nourishing oils to absorb. Pinnacle Black Label Hide-Soft Leather Conditioners coats your leather with an ultra-thin breathable barrier that dries to a natural finish. It will protect your leather from ultraviolent sun fade, abrasion, and staining. Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner will prevent leather-damaging body oils from penetrating and drying out the hide. Much like skin that has been well taken care of, Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner will help your leather look its best and age gracefully. Shake well before use and ensure leather is clean. Apply Hide-Soft Leather Conditioner directly to a terrycloth or microfiber applicator and thoroughly massage into the surface. Remove any excess conditioner with a soft microfiber towel. Old, hard, or dried out leather may require several applications to soften. 8 oz.
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