Coating Maintenance Guide Featureing GYEON

Coating Maintenance Guide Featureing GYEON

Properly cleaning and periodically decontaminating your ceramic coating is very important to maintain the day to day performance and longevity of the coating. So what is the difference between cleaning and decontaminating your ceramic coating? Lets take a look!

As your vehicle is used day to day it is exposed to many different types of contaminants. Most of these contaminants like dust, pollen, dirt, etc. are easily removed and cleaned during your weekly wash routine. But every three months or so, we should be removing the more intense contaminants the vehicle sees that can bond to the finish and wear down the performance of the coating.

The first of these contaminants to consider is the iron particles released from your brakes in the form of brake dust. These iron particles embed in to your finish and damage it over time. The second is heavier road grime and tar that cannot be removed during the wash process. If this level of contaminant is allowed to build up on the coatings surface, it will degrade the hydrophobic effect and limit the performance of the coating. So how do we tackle this type of contamination? With GYEON QM Iron, QM Foam, and QM Tar! Lets walk through it step by step.

First up is GYEON QM Iron. Make sure the surface is cool and out of direct sunlight. Spray QM Iron generously on to the wheels and painted surfaces of the car. Allow it to dwell for 1 to 2 minutes, but not to dry. As the chemicals start to break down the iron deposits you will see it turn purple. This will show you how much built up iron contaminant you have in place. You can repeat the Iron application if necessary until the purple reaction no longer takes place.

Now that QM Iron has had time to dwell and chemically break down the iron particles, it is a great time to get the QM Foam presoak done. This will help remove the QM Iron from the surface as well as the loose dirt and debris we want removed prior to washing with a mitt. I also take this opportunity to clean the wheels with a wheel brush.

Once the QM Foam is thoroughly rinsed, we can apply QM Tar. Spray QM Tar generously over the paint work. It will remove stubborn tar and road grime as the name suggests, but it will also dissolve organic contaminant. If you have stubborn tar build up on the lower portions of the car, spray QM Tar directly on to a BaldWipe Towel and wipe it clean in a straight line motion.

Once the QM Tar application is complete, rinse the car thoroughly and carry on with the normal washing and drying process. Now is also a great time to top the coating up with something like QM WetCoat.

And thats it! By properly decontaminating your ceramic coating in two to three month intervals throughout the year you will keep it healthy, the hydrophobic properties performing at their best, and prolong the life span of the coating.

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