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A deep decontamination wash for the best gloss!

The GYEON DECON Wash kit encompasses all the tools needed to removed dirt, grime, brakes dust, and other ferrous contaminants that can't be removed with a normal wash. Regardless if you have a wax or coating, a build up of contamination will clog your protectant and reduce gloss and hydrophobic activity. The GYEON DECON Wash Kit is designed as a multi-step process to remove this unwanted contamination while leaving your protectant on the surface to keep shining!

A deep decontamination wash for the best gloss!

GYEON Q2M Foam - 1000 ml
Q2M Foam provides the opportunity to have a home-made touchless wash. It dissolves gime and road-dirt, ensuring a gentle wash afterwards. Hence it's characteristics - it not only is totally safe for your coating, but also for uncoated cars or surfaces like polished alloy rims or exterior trims.

GYEON Q2M Bathe - 400 ml
90% of paint defects occur as a consequence of improper washing. A two-bucket method, a soft glove or an efficient pressure washer can only partly guarantee success. One of its most crucial constituents remains its slipperiness as a shampoo, which boosts the smooth gliding of the glove over the surface of the paint. The better the slippery features, the more we are able to minimize the risk of developing new defects on the paint of our vehicle.

GYEON Q2M Iron Remover - 500 ml
Q2M IRON is one of the most efficient, fast-reacting iron removers on the market. This product was specially developed to decontaminate surfaces from harsh ferrous deposits such as brake dust and rail dust easily, making intensive cleansing simple for both enthusiasts and pro-detailers alike.

GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt
Its main features - safety, softness and comfort - add extended durability due to the innovative type of fibres. Q2M Smoothie glides over the surface collecting dirt particles in the safest possible way. The washing process feels more “lubricated" and smooth. The mitt is equipped with an ergonomic welt protecting it from slipping or falling. It's made of genuine Korean material and custom sewn by Gyeon

GYEON Silk Dryer - 20 x 22 Inches
Gyeon Q2M Silk Dryer is the most innovative drying towel today, Gyeon is the first to introduce this drying technology worldwide! It's unique synthetic fibers absorb impressive amounts of water with fineness. It's important feature is silk-smooth gliding over the paintwork, ensuring a scratch and smudge free drying process, even on the softest paintwork. Q2M Silk Dryer works equally good on coated and uncoated cars.

2 Qty. GYEON PolishWipe Microfiber Towel
As excellent surface preparation is crucial for the application of coating, we thought it would be a good idea to help you start with it right at the polishing stage. That's the primary task of our Polish MF. It has two sides, with two different lengths of fiber. It's edgeless and fabricated with the latest laser-cutting technology, for the safety and durability of the fiber itself. And surely it's one of the best microfibers on the market, when it comes to removing polishing pastes and all types of oily residue. No matter whether you're in the middle of your paint correction or would just like to use it with Q2M Prep before applying the coating.

Looking for more information on the GYEON DECON Wash Kit? Check out our Detailer's Reflections article on the benefits and uses for the GYEON DECON Wash Kit, as well as detailed guide on application!

Plus, it will give you a sneak peak at the incredible cleaning power the GYEON DECON Wash Kit provides!

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This Kit Includes:

  • GYEON Q2M Iron Remover -500 ml.
  • GYEON Q2M Foam - 1000 ml
  • GYEON Q2M Bathe - 400 ml
  • GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt
  • 2 Qty. GYEON PolishWipe Microfiber Towel
  • GYEON Silk Dryer - 20 x 22 Inches
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