GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric AB

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GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric is a fabric coating featuring nano-ceramic particles that create a stain-resistant barrier against common spillage – including coffee, wine, blood, soda, pet urine, and other water and oil-based contaminants. This easy to use product is spray on, walk away and can protect for 6-18 months. Perfect for use on all interior fabrics, as well as sails, awnings, convertible tops, patio furniture, and more! GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric features: • Extreme Hydrophobicity – You usually expect to hear this phrase in reference to a paint coating or wax, but GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric AB also provides an insane amount of water-beading on treated surfaces. What does this mean for your interior fabrics? Instead of soaking into the fabric and causing a stain, spilled liquids simply roll right off and don't affect your sensitive fabrics! Directions for use: • If necessary, clean the fabric before use using a dedicated fabric cleaner. Allow surface to fully dry before attempting to apply Smart Fabric AB. • Apply by spraying evenly from a distance of about 7-11 inches away, ensuring even saturation. • Allow to dry for up to 24 hours for best results and protectiveness.
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