GTechniq L1 Leather Guard AB 500 ml.

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New & Improved Leather Guard now features an antibacterial formula that will kill 99.9% of bacteria on the treated surface and protect leather surfaces against friction and staining GTechniq L1 Leather Guard is the solution to one of the most prevalent issues with leather surfaces � friction and staining. GTechniq L1 Leather Guard creates a clear protective coating on leather seating surfaces that resists soiling and dye transfer from blue jeans along with the normal wear and tear associated with getting in and out of your vehicle on a daily basis. GTechniq is cheap insurance for keeping one of the most costly options available in new cars today � leather trim � protected and looking new. GTechniq L1 Leather Guard is one of the best investments in car care if you own a vehicle that has leather throughout the interior. This advanced coating dries clear and provides a durable, protective shield that resists body oil, friction and dye transfer from blue jeans. GTechniq refers to this technology as an �anti-stain function� and no other manufacturer except GTechniq utilizes it. Spray GTechniq Leather Guard AB directly onto an applicator, we recommend the Black Fine Flex Foam Finger Pockets, and apply an even layer of product for an all over protection. GTechniq L1 Leather Guard lasts considerably longer than conventional leather protectants because L1 Leather Guard actually bonds to the surface. GTechniq L1 Leather Guard dries to the touch and it doesn�t make leather surfaces greasy or slippery; you won�t even be able to tell that it�s there! GTechniq L1 Leather Guard only needs to be applied twice a year for maximum protection. If your vehicle�s leather seats have piping or high-bolstered sport seats, L1 Leather Guard should be applied once every 3 months for maximum protection. 500 ml.
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