GTechniq Easy Coat - 500 ml.

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Easy is its middle name!

GTechniq Easy Coat is the fastest way to coat your vehicle with GTechniq protection! GTechniq Easy Coat combines rinsing and application into the same step with its unique hose attachment right on the bottle. Saving you the hassle of spraying and switching over to your hose before the product starts to cure. You don't even need to turn off the hose! GTechniq Easy Coat quickly coats your vehicle in a hydrophobic UV protectant that lasts for up to three months! Don't worry if you already have a coating on your car. GTechniq Easy Coat is coating safe and can be applied to any painted or glass surface. Plus, it works as a perfect maintenance product to your coated vehicle. Stop worrying about the extra steps and switch the GTechniq Easy Coat!

SLICK! Nothing will stick to a surface this slick!
With a flick of the wrist you can coat your ride in GTechniq smart surface technology. GTechniq Easy Coat creates a surface slick enough to resist any dirt and contamination that will try and hitch a ride on your finish. GTechniq Easy Coat provides all of that with overactive water activity on the surface!

QUICK! Lay down a layer of protection without skipping a beat.
Detailing is fun, but it doesn't beat hitting the road in the freshly detailed ride! GTechniq Easy Coat provides you with an incredibly quick option for putting on a glossy layer of protection. Within a matter of minutes, you can rinse on your protection, leaving you with a lot more time to enjoy it.

BASE OR TOPPER! Apply a base layer of protection or top off your coating!
Ceramic protection? No protection? No problem! GTechniq Easy Coat applies to all! GTechniq Easy Coat can function as a standalone protectant providing up to 3 months of durability. When using in conjunction with a ceramic coating you'll see a significant boost in hydrophobics while extending the lifespan of the base coating!


  • Insert the hose attachment into the bottle
  • Attach to your hose and hose down your vehicle with fresh water.
  • Turn the knob on the attachment to feed the coating into the jet of water to coat your vehicle. Avoid direct application to convertible roofs.
  • Once fully coated, return the knob to its original position to rinse your car down with water again.
  • Once completed, we recommend drying all exterior surfaces with a Cobra Supreme Guzzler Microfiber Towel.

500 ml.
*1 - 500 ml. bottle will coat 2-3 average sized vehicles

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