GTechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat - 500 ml.

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Who said coatings can't be easy!?

Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat is the fast and effective way to protect your vessel! This easy-to-use product can be applied in a matter of minutes. The spray and wipe application produces a shimmering gloss that you wouldn't expect from a spray bottle. Gtechniq's Smart Surface Science crosslinks ceramic particles to the gelcoat or topcoat and armors your vessel against contamination and UV light damage. Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat is a non-smear, high-gloss formulation that creates a 100% optically clear layer of protection that won't yellow over time!

SIMPLE! Ceramic don't always need to be complex!
Applying protection isn't always a complicated procedure. Simply spray Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat directly onto a microfiber applicator or towel, and buff it away with another clean microfiber towel. Just like that, with a minimal amount of effort you've coated your vessel in ceramic based protection!

EFFECTIVE! Get the features of a ceramic without the extra work!
Get the benefits of a ceramic coating without breaking a sweat! Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat produces a 100% optically clear layer of protection. Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat defends your hull against marine contamination such as salts and extreme UV rays.

GLOSSY! Create a radiant gloss that shimmers like the water!
Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat covers your vessel in a rich, glossy finish that you may leave you in shock. Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat is formulated leave a non-smearing shine that can last up to six months. It produces beautiful gloss as a stand alone product, and enhances the level of gloss when combined with any other Gtechniq Marine protectant.


  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Ensure that all surfaces have been thoroughly washed and dried.
  • Spray the product onto a microfiber towel and spread the product onto the surface.
  • Buff with a second microfiber towel until you have a streak-free finish.
  • If the product is difficult to remove, wipe with a wet MF1 Microfibre and then buff with a dry one.

500 ml.

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