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The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer uses the power of your polisher to agitate pads. You don’t have to scrub and scrape – just let the polisher do the work for you. Insert the pad into the pad washer, turn on your polisher and let the grid insert clean and dry all your buffing pads.

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is the first and only pad washer that cleans all types of buffing pads on dual action and random orbital buffers.

The Universal Pad Washer works with all polishers. The grid insert’s large diameter allows pads of all sizes to make contact, no matter how big the orbit. Even the Cyclo can be used with this pad washer! The opening of the pad washer is adjustable to accommodate any pad size and polisher.

The grid insert’s height is adjustable. Simply press your polisher down until the pad is in the water and making contact with the grid. The grid insert is supported by springs so no manual adjustment is needed. Just press down and turn the polisher on at its slowest speed. The downward force pumps water upward to help clean the pad. The grid extension can be strategically placed on the grid insert to provide more agitation on heavily soiled areas of the pad.

A 4 oz. sample of Grit Guard Pad Renewing Solution is included. Before using the Dual Action Pad Washer, spray the pad with 4-5 spritzes of Pad Renewing Solution. It will help break up oily residues inside the pad as you operate the pad washer.

A watertight Gamma-Seal lid is included to seal the pad washer when not in use.

Pad Cleaning Tips:
  • Keep the pad’s Velcro® brand backing out of the water when using the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer.
  • When using a dual action polisher, make a mark on the backing plate with a permanent marker. This mark will indicate to you when the pad has made a full rotation. If it is not rotating, lighten up your pressure.
  • Fill with the appropriate level of water. Press down on the grid insert until the springs are fully compressed. Fill until the water level reaches just above the Insert. When you press down on the grid insert with the polisher, the springs will pump water upwards to the pad.
  • Always operate the pad washer with the Splash Guard closed.
  • For heavily soiled pads, spin the pad in the pad washer for 10 seconds to thoroughly wet it. Then spray on the Pad Renewing Solution and let it penetrate for 1 minute. Then use the pad washer again to clean the pad.
  • Always use the Dual Action Pad Washer with the polisher on its lowest setting for cleaning. You can use a slightly higher setting for drying.
  • Move the polisher around inside the pad washer to be sure all parts of the pad are cleaned.

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By John
Anchorage, AK
cleans pads easily and quickly
April 18, 2018
love using this pad cleaning bucket. make your passes with the pad and product then keep it attached to the machine, add water and cleaning solution and use as instructed. it slings all the product off the pad. increases pad longevity and lets ya know if your using too much or too little product as you clean the pad(youll see!) clean up is simple, use an apc and a scrub brush that you use for "crap" cleaning. worth the money if your constantly using pads or even every couple of months using pads.
increases pad life. easy clean up. doubles as wash bucket. bragging rights to your detailing buddies. none, great product
By Paul
Watertown wi
Efficient way
November 20, 2016
This is very efficient to clean pads and it gets them a lot cleaner than doing by hand
Cleanest pads yet except from having new pads
By Michael
Get it!
September 9, 2016
Just had to write this review. One of those things you think is too expensive like me. Once I got it I knew I should not have put it off. You will not realize know how bad you needed it till you get it. Pads last longer and this will get them clean easy with no mess. Lots of other reasons you will find out. Just one detailing session makes it worth it.
By Dustin
Oak Hill, VA
Cuts cleaning time
July 26, 2015
This pad cleaner is great. Ive used it with my 3'' and 6'' polishers and it worked wonderfully. It cleans the pad really well without damaging any of the softer foams.
-Cleans well -Drys great -Cuts time -Expense (will pay for itself)
By Chrispher
Brooklyn, NY
Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer
November 25, 2014

user friendly and cuts your time in cleaning IN LESS THE 5 MINUTES NONE
By Scott
Pricey, but makes life easier
May 23, 2014
I was on the fence about buying this for a couple seasons now, but after the hassle of hand washing and drying lots of pads on larger jobs, I decided it was time to spend the coin. Very happy that I did. Takes less than 2 minutes to clean and dry a pad (most times) and you're back at your job working another panel before you know it. I've used it with 3, 4 & 6 inch pads on my PC and Rupes DAs without issue.
Makes life so much easier and faster little to no cleanup Very quick to clean pads Item is pricey, just about the only downfall thus far.
By Troy S.
Dover, Ohio
Makes cleaning pads a breeze
April 18, 2012
The Grit Guard Univeral Pad Washer makes cleaning all of your pads a breeze. It is a little pricey but anyone that uses lots of pads really should consider picking one up. use a rotary or a DA to clean a pad and spin it dry and your done. As simple as that
Makes quick work of cleaning up Pads a little pricey