Griots Garage Dispensing Spout

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The Griots Garage Dispensing Spout turns your gallon jugs into convenient product dispensers! This easy-to-attach spout screws on to your favorite gallon-sized product making it easy to dispense the proper amount without making a mess and wasting product. The Griots Garage Dispensing Spout makes it easy to buy in bulk and then portion out your favorite products! When you love a product you use a product, and you use it a lot! The only financially logical way to keep your favorites on hand at all times is to buy in bulk, which often means a bunch of gallon jugs sitting in your garage. When it comes time to use it, the gallon jug isn't the best way—it's not exactly easy to pour your favorite polish onto a pad directly from a gallon! The logical solution is to transfer some product from the gallon into a smaller container, and the Griots Garage Dispensing Spout allows you to do that quickly and easily! The Griots Garage Dispensing Spout features a narrow spout that twists closed when not in use. It also means that with thinner products, like glass cleaner or APC, you can keep the spout closed until it's completely in the smaller container to avoid splashes and spills. The Griots Garage Dispensing Spout is a versatile little gadget that fits most gallon jugs. If you like buying in bulk, you'll love the Griots Garage Dispensing Spout!
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