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Griots Garage Window Cleaner

35 oz.
Item#: GR-11108   
128 oz.
Item#: GR-11110   

Item Description:

Griot's Garage Window Cleaner

You, Too, Can Have Crystal Clear Windows And Mirrors

Perfectly clean, haze-free glass. A simple thing that makes driving safe and fun, but not always easy to achieve. Perfectly clean windows also allow your windows to "defrost" much quicker. Window Cleaner contains no dyes, perfumes, or any other chemicals to contaminate your window surface. This is very important, as contaminants contribute to hazing! Plus, it contains no ammonia, so it is safe to use on tinted windows. When used with our lint free towels, or Micro Fiber Window Cloths there is not another system that will give you a cleaner, clearer, lint-free view. Period.

35 oz.

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Griots Garage Window Cleaner