Griots Garage 5 Inch Orbital Conversion Kit

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The Griots Garage 5 Inch Orbital Conversion Kit contains everything you need to start polishing with 5.5" polishing pads. Retrofitting your orbital polisher with the included backing plate and pads of your choice will dramatically increase the versatility of your buffer by increasing the speed of the pad's rotation and giving you better control. The Griots Garage 5 Inch Orbital Conversion Kit Opens up a whole new world of polishing for your 6 inch orbital polisher! Once you've made the leap from hand polishing and waxing to using a machine, it's time to hone those machine polishing skills. Your random orbital polisher came equipped with a backing plate designed to accommodate 6" pads and that made your life easier right off the bat. When you're ready to gain even more control over your polisher while achieving better results in less time, make the switch to 5.5" pads using the Griots Garage 5 Inch Orbital Conversion Kit. The Griots Garage 5 Inch Orbital Conversion Kit includes a vented, flexible backing plate with chamfered edges designed to better conform to body curves and further minimize the risk of accidental marring. Once installed on your machine (using the wrench that came with your polisher), you'll be ready to polish with more precision using 5.5" pads. The smaller pads weigh less and spin faster meaning you'll get increased defect removal, better control, and increased maneuverability. NOTE: The Griots Garage 5 Inch Orbital Conversion Kit fits recent model Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbitals (p/n 10750, 10765, 10813, and the new 10901), and random orbital/dual-action tools that accept a 5/16" - 24 threaded shaft. The kit is not compatible with the four-screw mounting system on the original Griot's Garage Random Orbital (p/n 10925). Kit Includes:
5" Vented Orbital Backing Plate
2 QTY. Griot's Orange Foam Correcting Pads
2 QTY. Griot's Black Foam Finishing Pads
2 QTY. Griot's Red Foam Waxing Pads
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